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  1. Bioavailability of D3 not change with vehicle - 2010
  2. Vitamin D much better in oil - 2010
  3. Chart Vitamin D in oil best - vehicle overview 2010
  4. Pea Corn and capsule of vitamin D - picture .jpg
  5. Development of chewable Calcium and vitamin D - July 2010.PDF
  6. People preferred chewable Calcium and vitamin D many adverse events 2010
  7. 5000 IU Vitamin D3 with some cofactors
  8. 800 IU vitamin D in capsule form (but not drops) helped nursing home residents – Sept 2014
  9. A proposed way to confirm that you have taken your vitamin D
  10. Advances in Vitamin D emulsions, nanoparticles, etc. – Jan 2019
  11. Alternatives if not swallow pills or not absorb vitamin D
  12. Amazon's Choice for Vitamin D: Bio-Tech Pharmacal - Nov 2018
  13. Another country with poor Vitamin D quality control – New Zealand content varies from 8 to 200 percent – Feb 2013
  14. Average vitamin D contained only 33% of what is on the label – June 2010
  15. Bioavailability of nanoemulsion formulations of Vitamin D3 – Nov 2019
  16. Calcium intestinal absorption increased with active, but not tested level of vitamin D – May 2014
  17. FOODLets or Sprinkles might increase vitamin D in children
  18. Forms of Vitamin D
  19. Gut-Friendly Vitamin D
  20. Honey contains a form of Vitamin D which is rarely measured
  21. How vitamin D3 is made from wool
  22. Hydrogel encapsulated vitamin D gets to colon – Sept 2018
  23. Hypothesis – Unprocessed Vitamin D may be a better status marker than what is currently measured – Feb 2018
  24. Hypothesis: Should test for unactivated Vitamin D, not activated – Feb 2018
  25. If avoiding sun for medical reasons you need oral vitamin D – April 2011
  26. Infants do not tolerate some brands of Vitamin D – additives, color, etc
  27. Inhaled nanoemulsion of Vitamin D killed lung bacteria – Sept 2017
  28. Inhaled Vitamin D
  29. Inhaled vitamin D helped lungs of new-born (rats) – Dec 2016
  30. Inhaling Vitamin D nanoemulsion through nose gets lots more to the brain (mice) – July 2020
  31. International patent for sublingual liquid analogue forms of vitamin D – 2007
  32. Liposomal Vitamin D cocktail targets some lung cancers – June 2018
  33. Low Cost vitamin D - including liquid and bulk
  34. Lung cells activate Vitamin D, without liver or kidney – Nov 2016
  35. Most vitamin D bought over-the-counter meet requirements – Feb 2013
  36. MS Trust in UK is concerned about lack of vitamin D product – Nov 2010
  37. Mucosal membranes (mouth, lungs, nose, intestines, etc) can activate Vitamin D – July 2020
  38. Nanoemulsion forms improve nutrient response time and bioavailability - many studies
  39. Nanoemulsion vitamin D is again found to be the best liquid form (for rats in this case) – June 2019
  40. Nanoemulsions of vitamin D help reduce asthma markers in mice– Dec 2013
  41. Nanoencapsulated vitamin D is stable and bioavailable – May 2012
  42. Nanoparticles could be used to increase vitamin D getting to the gut – Oct 2015
  43. Nutritional drink – liposomal Vitamin D and Glucosamine – April 2018
  44. Oil-based Vitamin D3 has the worst bioavailability – April 2014
  45. Patent application for a skin cream which enhances production of vitamin D – Holick July 2013
  46. Perhaps drugs such as inhaled vitamin D can get directly to the brain – March 2018
  47. Pill taking is not a problem with vitamin D

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