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Amazon's Choice for Vitamin D: Bio-Tech Pharmacal - Nov 2018

Link to Amazon Vitamin D
Link to Amazon Vitamin D

Note: Amazon has > 3,000 Vitamin D supplements
100 of 50,000 IU $21.90 = 4.4 cents per 5,000 IU

Criteria for Amazon's Choice seems to include:
Highly rated from user reviews;   Competitively priced;   Popular with shoppers searching for that keyword;   Bestseller in its category;   Available to ship immediately;   Eligible for Prime delivery;   Lower return rate than similar products

Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Status March 28, 2020 - they have stock of the D3-50,000 textVegicap
Bio-Tech makes the only Vitamin D that has ALL of these features:

 Very low cost 50,000 IU capsule appears to be the lowest-cost source in the world
 Contains no additives  Nothing to cause an allergy
 Does not have oil base   Oil is associated with about 20% reduction in response in a clinical trial
   water-soluble is far more absorbable
 Tasteless   No unpleasant taste or odor as with some liquids
 Tiny capsule need not
 be swallowed
  You can put the capsule powder
into the water, milk (animal or plant), juice, food, etc
 and consume your vitamin D over the period of days.
 Kosher and Halal certified  Vegi-cap (needed for Kosher) is more expensive
 Gut friendly  Though some companies have even gut friendlier forms

Opinion: Founder of VitaminDWiki
> 95% of people will get full benefit from Bio-Tech Vitamin D
~50% of people will get full benefit from most of the other brands of vitamin D
   due to poor gut, allergies, unable to take pills, etc,

About half of the population are able to take virtually any Vitamin D pill

  • Able to take pills
  • Remember to take the pill daily
  • Have a good gut (see below on this page for alternatives)
  • Not allergic to fillers, oils, additives,

Most of the population can take 50,000 Bio-Tech bi-weekly

Take vitamin D3 daily, weekly, or bi-weekly Weekly or biweekly may be better than daily

1 50,000 IU pill every two weeks fights all of the following

Diabetes + Heart Failure + Chronic Pain + Depression + Autism + Breast Cancer + Colon Cancer + Prostate Cancer + BPH (prostate) + Preeclampsia + Premature Birth + Falls + Cognitive Decline + Respiratory Tract Infection + Influenza + Tuberculosis + Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease + Lupus + Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome + Urinary Tract Infection + Poor Sleep + Growing Pain + Multiple Sclerosis + PMS + Schizophrenia + Endometriosis + Smoking    27 problems
   Note: Once a week also fights: COVID, Headaches, Colds, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Hives, Colitis etc.

Overview Gut and vitamin D contains gut-friendly information

Gut-friendly, Sublingual, injection, topical, UV, sunshine

Getting Vitamin D into your body has the following chart

Getting Vitamin D into your body also has the following
If poorly functioning gut
Bio-D-Mulsion Forte – especially made for those with poorly functioning guts, or perhaps lacking gallbladder
Sublingual – goes directly into the bloodstream
   you can make your own sublingual by dissolving Vitamin D in water or use nano form
Oil: 1 drop typically contains 400 IU, 1,000 IU, or 4,000 IU, typically not taste good
Topical – goes directly into the bloodstream. Put oil on your skin, Use Aloe vera cream with Vitamin D, or make your own
Vaginal – goes directly into the bloodstream. Prescription-only?
Bio-Tech might be usefulit is also water-soluble
Vitamin D sprayed inside cheeks (buccal spray) - several studies
    and, those people with malabsorption problems had a larger response to spray
Inject Vitamin D quarterly into muscle, into vein, or perhaps into body cavity if quickly needed
Nanoparticles could be used to increase vitamin D getting to the gut – Oct 2015
Poor guts need different forms of vitamin D has the following
Guesses of Vitamin D response if poor gut

Bio FormSpeedDuration
10Injection ($$$)
or Calcidiol or Calcitriol
D - Slow
C -Fast
10 Sun/UVBSlowLong
(skin patch/cream, vagina)
Fast nano
9Nanoemulsion -mucosal
perhaps activates VDR
9?Inhaled (future)FastNormal
8Bio-D-Mulsion ForteNormalNormal
6Water soluble (Bio-Tech)NormalNormal
(some goes into gut)
3Coconut oil basedSlowNormal
2Food (salmon etc.)SlowNormal
2Olive oil based (majority)SlowNormal

10= best bioavailable, 0 = worst, guesses have a range of +-2
Speed: Fast ~2-6 hours, Slow ~10-30 hours
Duration: Long ~3-6 months, Normal = ~2 months

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