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Inhaled Vitamin D

Inhaled Vitamin D - Exploration by VitaminDWiki


Lungs can fully activate inhaled Vitamin D
   Liver and kidneys not needed for activation

Vitamin D mists can be made by atomizers from diluted Vitamin D emulsions

Atomizers ($10-$20) eject about 150 IU of Vitamin D per second
   >5 million molecules of Vitamin D for each alveolus every second

10 people tested as of May 2019 - all able to breathe better in 10 minutes
   - initial testing with smoke, church incense, asthma, intense exercise, COPD ...

Experimenting with 6 emulsions and 6 inhalers as of May 2019

Vitamin D levels (typically 100 ng with 12,000 IU daily) doubled to over 200 ng after 6 second daily inhalation for a month- very strange. The total inhaled vitamin D of 25,000 IU for the month had the effect of perhaps 25,000 IU daily, Thus inhaled creates about 30X more response than oral.

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emulsions listed at Forms of Vitamin D

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