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  1. Alcoholic liver disease 8X more likely among alcoholics if very low vitamin D – May 2015
  2. Advanced liver cirrhosis death 6.3X more likely if extremely low vitamin D – Jan 2013
  3. Cirrhosis infection and death both associated with low vitamin D – June 2015
  4. Children with severe hemophilia – 96 percent had low vitamin D (should not be a surprise) – Dec 2014
  5. Fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and the importance of vitamin D – Oct 2012
  6. Death due to liver problems was 4X more probable with low levels of vitamin D – May 2012
  7. Liver failure in ICU – 2.5X more likely to die in within six months if very low vitamin D – Oct 2018
  8. Liver Inflammation (NAFLD) is prevented by Vitamin D – review May 2015
  9. Liver injury associated with low level of vitamin D – April 2011
  10. Liver problems in children associated with 9 ng lower levels of vitamin D – March 2014
  11. Liver stores 4 months of vitamin D, 48 months of Vit. A, and 60 months of Vit. B-12
  12. Liver associations with vitamin D and genes – Overview April 2018
  13. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis treated by 1,000 IU of vitamin D – July 2018
  14. Alcoholics have osteoporosis – Nov 2010
  15. Alcoholics with low vitamin D get more bone fractures -Jan 2011
  16. 400,000 IU barely raised liver transplant candidate vitamin D levels (no surprise) – March 2015
  17. Cirrhosis in hospital 2.9 X less likely to get need ICU when supplemented with Vitamin K – Nov 2015
  18. Cadmium liver problem 5 X less likely when vitamin D is greater than 40 ng – April 2018
  19. Calcidiol may be 5X more effective than Vitamin D3 – June 2012
  20. Autoimmune Hepatitis 8X more likely if low vitamin D – Dec 2014
  21. Diesel air pollution causes liver problems (and low vitamin D) if low Omega-3 (mice) – Jan 2018
  22. Fatty liver disease (NAFLD), metabolic syndrome, and perhaps vitamin D – June 2013
  23. Fatty liver disease associated with low level of vitamin D – Oct 2013
  24. Fatty liver disease weakly associated with low vitamin D – meta-analysis 2013
  25. Far fewer health problems from western diet if add Vitamin D (in rats in this study) – May 2018
  26. Important interactions between the liver and vitamin D – May 2013
  27. Heart transplant 19 ng vitamin D vs liver transplant 13 ng – April 2009
  28. Hepatitis B clinical event was 2X more likely if low vitamin D – Oct 2014
  29. Hepatitis B viral load is inversely associated with vitamin D – 2016
  30. Hepatitis B virus might be treated by Vitamin D – April 2015
  31. Hepatitis C, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and vitamin D deficiency – Dec 2014
  32. Half of obese children had fatty liver and low vitamin D – March 2014
  33. Glyphosate Is Causing Fatty Liver Disease and many other problems - May 2019
  34. Liver, Liver Cancer, and Vitamin D – Feb 2018
  35. Liver transplant needs Vitamin D (actually semi-activated, not regular) – May 2017
  36. Low vitamin D associated with hemodialysis problems – May 2010
  37. Jaundice of pregnancy (intrahepatic cholestasis ) is associated with low vitamin D – July 2018
  38. Increasing vitamin D level in blood failed to decrease Fatty Liver inflammation – RCT Aug 2014
  39. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the Vitamin D Receptor – editorial Sept 2019
  40. Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (4 in 10 seniors) and Vitamin D
  41. Liver
  42. Overview Liver and vitamin D
  43. Hepatitis B patients have 2 ng lower level of Vitamin D – meta-analysis June 2019
  44. Hepatitis B virus reduced by 5X the Vitamin D getting to liver cells in the lab – Oct 2018
  45. Hepatitis C drug is extremely expensive, why not try Calcidiol (semi-processed vitamin D) - May 2014
  46. Hepatitis-C both treated and prevented by Vitamin D (many studies)
  47. Loading dose greatly improves subsequent daily Vitamin D if have liver fibrosis – RCT Nov 2016
  48. Liver and interactions with vitamin D deficiency - Review July 2013
  49. Iron deficiency is a cause of Vitamin D deficiency
  50. Infants who have iron deficiency anemia are 4X more likely to be vitamin D deficient – March 2013

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