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Crohn's and Vitamin D - many studies

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Crohn's and Vitamin D - many studies 29 Dec, 2022
IBD (Colitis, Crohn’s) was active 6X more often if low vitamin D – June 2015 30 May, 2022
IBD and Crohn's patients need Vitamin D, even to increase drug efficacy (Vedolizumab) June 2021 29 Jun, 2021
Crohn’s disease helped when vitamin D level raised above 30 ng – RCT Feb 2015 26 Mar, 2021
Crohn’s Disease reduced for a year by 7 weeks of high dose Vitamin D – RCT March 2021 26 Mar, 2021
Crohn's Disease patients normalizing their Vitamin D levels decreased risk of surgery by 44 percent – Aug 2013 09 Feb, 2021
Crohn's Disease 4X less likely to reoccur after surgery if good level of vitamin D – Feb 2021 09 Feb, 2021
Crohn’s Disease is associated with poor Vitamin D Receptor (many solutions) – April 2020 29 Apr, 2020
Crohn's disease associated with 7.6X deactivation of Vitamin D receptor – July 2015 12 Nov, 2019
Crohn’s Disease associated with lower Vitamin D - meta-analysis Sept 2019 28 Sep, 2019
Crohn’s Disease Activity predicted by vitamin D plus 2 additional blood tests – Dec 2018 07 May, 2019
Inflammatory Bowel Disease in children is associated with low Vitamin D, Iron (also low Zinc for Crohn’s) – Aug 2018 28 Aug, 2018
Gut bacteria of Crohn's disease patients improved by Vitamin D – March 2018 15 May, 2018
Crohn's patients with Vitamin D less than 30 ng were 1.8 X more likely to be readmitted within 1 year – April 2017 13 Mar, 2018
Crohn's disease in black children is worse in 6 ways – Dec 2015 10 Dec, 2017
Crohn's Disease flares 20 percent more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein – Oct 2016 09 Nov, 2017
Crohn’s Disease risk increased 3 X if inadequate vitamin D level (another form is needed) – Oct 2017 12 Oct, 2017
Crohn's Disease relapse rate of 3 in 8 with 1,0000 IU vs 0 in 12 with 10,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Feb 2017 16 Jul, 2017
Crohn's Disease relapse rate of 3 in 8 with 1,000 IU vs 0 in 12 with 10,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Feb 2017 15 Jul, 2017
Crohn's disease treated by 2000 IU Vitamin D - RCT June 2015 31 Jan, 2017
Crohn’s disease associated with vitamin D and latitude – meta-analysis Dec 2015 11 Dec, 2016
Boron and Granulomas (TB, Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's, Rheumatic Fever etc.) - 2015 14 Nov, 2016
Crohn’s disease associated with low vitamin D, unless in remission (22 vs 28ng)– Dec 2015 30 Jul, 2016
Is vitamin D supplementation a viable treatment for Crohn's disease – Nov 2015 18 Nov, 2015
Infliximab reduction of inflammation (Crohn’s) greatly aided by Vitamin D – Sept 2015 12 Sep, 2015
Crohn's disease treated by Vitamin D - RCT June 2015 07 Aug, 2015
Crohn’s disease deficient in vitamin K – IBD deficient in vitamins K and D – April 2011 17 Feb, 2015
Crohn’s helped by 5000 IU vitamin D – April 2013 17 Feb, 2015
Crohn’s Disease – strange things such as no change of vitamin D levels with season – Dec 2014 09 Dec, 2014
Surgery for Crohn's disease 2X less likely if managed to raise vitamin D above 30 ng – May 2013 06 May, 2014
Active Crohn's disease is associated with low vitamin D levels – Feb 2013 14 Feb, 2013
About 40 percent more likely to get Crohn’s Disease or UC if have low vitamin D – March 2012 03 Nov, 2012
More than half those with Crohn’s disease have less than 20ng of vitamin D – March 2012 03 Nov, 2012
Even 800 IU vitamin D improved Crohn’s disease bone density – June 2012 03 Jul, 2012
Crohn's disease kids are 2X more likely to have low vitamin D, intervention helps – April 2012 12 Jun, 2012
IBD and Crohn but not Colitis associated with low vitamin D – May 2011 05 Jun, 2012
Crohn’s Disease strongly associated with low vitamin D in South Asians – March 2012 29 Mar, 2012
Extra Vitamin D needed for Crohns 14 Mar, 2012
Crohn’s relapse reduced from 29% to 13% by taking 1200 IU of D3 – May 2010 04 Apr, 2011

Half as many Crohn's relapses if regularly take Vitamin D - Dec 2022

Effectiveness of Vitamin D Supplementation on Disease Course in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis
Inflamm Bowel Dis . 2022 Dec 29;izac253. doi: 10.1093/ibd/izac253
Marco Valvano 1, Marco Magistroni 1, Nicola Cesaro 1, Giorgio Carlino 1, Sabrina Monaco 1, Stefano Fabiani 1, Antonio Vinci 2, Filippo Vernia 1, Angelo Viscido 1, Giovanni Latella 1

Background: The vitamin D role in bone metabolism is well known; however, recent evidence suggests the impact of vitamin D in immune modulation and its implications in immune-mediated diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Method: We performed a systematic review with meta-analysis by a specific protocol (PROSPERO: CRD42022311184; March 2022, https://www.crd.york.ac.uk/PROSPERO/display_record.php?RecordID=311184). Randomized clinical trials involving IBD patients treated with vitamin D supplementation, compared with placebo, that evaluated the risk of clinical relapse and disease activity were included. Literature search was performed using Medline, Scopus, and Cochrane CENTRAL through January 2022.

Results: Out of 1448 articles, 12 (11 full-texts and 1 abstract) were included. Seven randomized clinical trials reported data on the clinical relapse as dichotomous outcome, while 7 studies reported data on disease activity expressed as continuous variables. The pooled risk ratio of clinical relapse was 0.64 (95% confidence interval, 0.46-0.89; I2 = 25%) among 458 IBD patients. However, this seems to be solid only in Crohn's disease (CD) patients. In fact, only 2 studies, involving 67 patients with ulcerative colitis, were included in the analysis. CD patients in clinical remission had a strong significant risk reduction in clinical relapse (risk ratio, 0.47; 95% confidence interval, 0.27-0.82; I2 = 0%), suggesting that it could be a specific subgroup with maximum clinical benefit of vitamin D supplementation.

Conclusions: This meta-analysis shows that vitamin D supplementation can reduce the risk of clinical relapse in IBD patients, especially in CD patients in clinical remission. In a subgroup analysis, it was not significant (due to small number of studies and low number of patients), and well-powered studies are needed, in particular for ulcerative colitis patients.

VitaminDWiki - Gut category listing contains

194 items in GUT category - see also Overview Gut and vitamin D, See also Microbiome category listing has 32 items along with related searches.

VitaminDWiki - Overview Gut and vitamin D contains gut-friendly information

Gut-friendly, Sublingual, injection, topical, UV, sunshine

Getting Vitamin D into your body has the following chart

Getting Vitamin D into your body also has the following
If poorly functioning gut
Bio-D-Mulsion Forte – especially made for those with poorly functioning guts, or perhaps lacking gallbladder
Sublingual – goes directly into bloodstream
   you can make your own sublinqual by dissovling Vitamin D in water or using nanoemulsion form
Oil: 1 drop typically contains 400 IU, 1,000 IU, or 4,000 IU, typically not taste good
Topical – goes directly into bloodstream. Put oil on your skin, Use Aloe vera cream with Vitamin D, or make your own
Vaginal – goes directly into bloodstream. Prescription only?
Bio-Tech might be usefulit is also water soluble
Vitamin D sprayed inside cheeks (buccal spray) - several studies
    and, those people with malabsorption problems had a larger response to spray
Inject Vitamin D quarterly into muscle, into vein, or perhaps into body cavity if quickly needed
Nanoparticles could be used to increase vitamin D getting to the gut – Oct 2015
Poor guts need different forms of vitamin D has the following
Guesses of Vitamin D response if poor gut

Bio FormSpeedDuration
10Injection ($$$)
or Calcidiol or Calcitriol
D - Slow
C -Fast
10 Sun/UVBSlowLong
(skin patch/cream, vagina)
Fast nano
9Nanoemulsion -mucosal
perhaps activates VDR
9?Inhaled (future)FastNormal
8Bio-D-Mulsion ForteNormalNormal
6Water soluble (Bio-Tech)NormalNormal
(some goes into gut)
3Coconut oil basedSlowNormal
2Food (salmon etc.)SlowNormal
2Olive oil based (majority)SlowNormal

10= best bioavailable, 0 = worst, guesses have a range of +-2
Speed: Fast ~2-6 hours, Slow ~10-30 hours
Duration: Long ~3-6 months, Normal = ~2 months

The risk of 47 diseases at least double with poor Vitamin D Receptor

VitaminDWiki - Vitamin D Receptor activation can be increased in 14 ways

Resveratrol,  Omega-3,  MagnesiumZinc,   Quercetin,   non-daily Vit D,  Curcumin, intense exercise, Butyrate   Ginger,   Essential oils, etc  Note: The founder of VitaminDWiki uses 10 of the 14 known VDR activators

Crohn's and Vitamin D - many studies        
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