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  1. A vitamin D analog reduced UV generated skin cancer in mice – July 2011
  2. 18X increased destruction of skin cancers if active vitamin D added to photodynamic therapy (mice) – March 2015
  3. Calcium with vitamin D decreased risk of subsequent skin cancer by 2X – June 2011
  4. Circadian rhythm affects skin cancer risk in mice - Oct 2011
  5. Dermatologists in Australia – Squamous cell carcinoma not a function of vitamin D - March 2013
  6. Hypothesis – Increasing Folate or vitamin D decreases probability of skin cancer – July 2012
  7. Hypothesis – worldwide increase in Melanoma due to UVA – Oct 2011
  8. Head and neck cancer occurrence and deaths associated with low vitamin D – Aug 2011
  9. Is the Risk of Skin Cancer From Sun Exposure Overblown - May 2019
  10. Indoor tanning not apparently associated with skin cancer – Feb 2012
  11. Basal Cell Carcinoma reduced when Vitamin D levels kept above 25 ng – June 2019
  12. A Dermatologist's Perspective on Vitamin D - Mayo Clinic April 2012
  13. Alzheimer disease 5X less likely with nonmelanoma skin cancer (lots of vitamin D) – May 2013
  14. Egg-white omelets are now so 1995 – When will excessive sunscreen be so 2010
  15. Decreased risk of non-melanoma skin cancer by working outdoors in Europe – April 2013
  16. Hypothesis - Dark skin evolved to avoid skin cancer - Feb 2014
  17. Hypothesis: vitamin D suppresses skin cancer – Sept 2012
  18. If avoiding sun for medical reasons you need oral vitamin D – April 2011
  19. Many Organ transplants cause skin cancer – what is the role of UV – Feb 2012
  20. High levels of Vitamin D and low rates of skin cancer among commercial fishermen – July 2019
  21. Cancer - Skin
  22. Melanoma cancer growth slowed by increased Vitamin D Receptor (yet again) – Oct 2019
  23. Skin cancer 20 percent more likely with some Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms – Oct 2015
  24. Better Cancer survival if higher vitamin D a decade earlier (esp. Melanoma, Kidney, Prostate)– Aug 2018
  25. Death from melanoma (without ulcers) greatly decreased if have lots of vitamin D receptors – May 2014
  26. Hypothesis: UVA through window glass decreases vitamin D - 2009
  27. Malignant melanoma may be reduced by skin-activated vitamin D – Nov 2016
  28. Dermatologists are reminded of the importance of vitamin D in 8 diseases – Oct 2017
  29. Increased incidence of 7 cancers if live far from equator (if not take vitamin D) – March 2019
  30. Cancers and Vitamin D Council

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