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A Dermatologist's Perspective on Vitamin D - Mayo Clinic April 2012

Mayo Clin Proc. 2012;87(4):372-380
Veena Vanchinathan, MD, and Henry W. Lim, MD

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble steroid hormone that is crucial for human health and has recently generated controversy regarding its role in human health and disease. In this Special Article, we discuss our dermatologic perspective on vitamin D in a question-and-answer format. We discuss methods of obtaining vitamin D, including cutaneous photobiosynthesis, diet, and supplements and include the recent US Institute of Medicine recommendations.

Other reviewed
topics include the associations among skin pigmentation, climate, photoprotection, and vitamin D levels. We also elaborate on the popular interest in sun exposure as a method of normalizing vitamin D levels in the context of the risks of solar and arti?cial radiation. We also discuss groups at risk for vitamin D inadequacy, the need for testing serum vitamin D levels, and the role of phototherapy in patients with malabsorption conditions and hypervitaminosis D, with a focus on patients with sarcoidosis. Finally, we summarize our recommendations on vitamin D.

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