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  1. Overview Cardiovascular and vitamin D
  2. 2,000 IU Vitamin D if healthy. More if overweight or elderly - Dr. Greger April 2019
  3. BPA is a possible cause of obesity epidemic - Dr. Greger June 2019
  4. DrGreger
  5. Fasting rarely results in long-term weight loss – Dr. Greger Oct 2019
  6. Fetus conceived by slender mom grown by obese mom is more likely will become obese - Sept 2020
  7. Fiber and buterate reduce gut inflammation – Dr. Greger Aug 2019
  8. Half of Diabetics cured in 16 days by eating a plant-based diet – Dr. Greger Sept 2019
  9. Keto diet actually increases body fat – Dr. Greger Sept 2019
  10. Live 14 years longer with healthy lifestyle (2 years longer if good vitamin D) – Dr. Greger Oct 2019
  11. Milk Consumption Is strong linked to Type 1 Diabetes – Dr. Greger Nov 2019
  12. Not a single case of multiple sclerosis in 15,000,000 people (plant-based diets)
  13. Off Topic: Heavy metals (e.g. lead) eliminated by plants with their phytochelatins
  14. Off topic: In 1854 a medical journal proposed that Diabetes would be treated by Brewer’s Yeast
  15. Off topic: Plastics and BPA are getting into seafood and your bloodstream – Dr. Greger Spring 2019
  16. Should We Tax Meat and Dairy Like We Do Cigarettes – Greger Jan 2020
  17. The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle in the Era of COVID-19 – March 2021
  18. The sun appears to generate Co-Q10 in our bodies when we eat our greens – Greger April 2016
  19. Turmeric stopped Ulcerative Colitis – RCT Feb 2019
  20. Vitamin D Supplements Reduce Cancer Mortality – Greger Sept 2019
  21. Ways to improve health
  22. Taking vitamin D extends life - 56 trials with 100,000 people - Dr. Greger video July 2016
  23. Overview Autism and vitamin D

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