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Off Topic: Heavy metals (e.g. lead) eliminated by plants with their phytochelatins

Garlic Powder to Lower Lead Levels Dr. Greger Sept 2020

5 minute video and excellent text transcript, which includes

  • “All higher plants possess the capacity to synthesize compounds that bind up heavy metals to protect themselves from the harmful effects, so what if we ate the plants? “”
  • “…feeding garlic to chickens reduced lead levels in the “edible mass of chicken” by up to 75 percent or more.”
  • “What’s even more astonishing is that when researchers gave them the same amount of lead—but this time waited a week before giving them the garlic—it worked even better. “The value of garlic in reducing lead concentrations…was more pronounced when garlic was given as a post-treatment following the cessation of lead administration”—that is, after the lead was stopped and had already built up in their tissues.”

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