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Not a single case of multiple sclerosis in 15,000,000 people (plant-based diets)

Plant-Based Diets for Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Greger

He also mentions a study of 144 Mser’s who were put on a low meat and fat diet.
95% had ZERO remissions in 34 years – 1990 10.1016/0140-6736(90)91533-g
247 Google Scholar citations of that study as of Dec 2019

How to Treat Multiple Sclerosis with Diet July 2014

  • "But if they started slacking on their diet—even years in, their disease could become reactivated. They felt so great that some felt that they could cheat a little bit, since they had their disease so well under control. But eating just eight grams of saturated fat more a day was accompanied by a striking increase in disability and a near tripling of their death rate."
  • "How about a 50 year follow-up! They were able to track down 15 of the original patients that stuck to the diet, now in their 70s and 80s, with multiple sclerosis for over 50 years, and 13 out of 15 were walking around normal in all respects. Conclusion: “This study indicated that, in all probability, MS is caused largely by consumption of saturated animal fat.”"

Followup of the study which was published in 2016 did not find a benefit   PDF
"The study diet was based on starchy plant foods (beans, breads,corn, pastas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rice with the addition of fruits and non-starchy vegetables). Approximately 10% of calories were derived from fat, 14% from protein and 76% from carbohydrate (Anonymous, 2014). Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetable oils (such as corn and olive oil) were prohibited. We used monthly FFQ and telephone contact to assess diet adherence. Subjects were considered diet adherent if they consumed 20% or less of calories from fat at least 80% of the time during the study."
Dr. Greger points out that even a few days of meat will bring back the MS symptoms

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Founder of VitaminDWiki started on Dr. Gerger's plant-based diet in Nov 2019

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"Reversing MS with Plant-Based Diet" with Sarah Stancic, MD Oct 2019
37 minute audio interview
"Dr. Sarah Stancic went from an MS patient wearing diapers and using a cane or crutch to help her walk to running a whole marathon. Her body has now healed completely from MS. Her secret? Not such a secret, it’s simply a vegan, whole food, no oil added diet"
YouTube video July 2019
As a physician she got MS then with plant-based diet cured herself and then ran a marathon

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