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Fetus conceived by slender mom grown by obese mom is more likely will become obese - Sept 2020

The Role of Epigenetics in the Obesity Epidemic Greger. 5 minute video

  • "Amazingly, a baby born to an obese surrogate mother with a skinny biological mom may harbor a greater risk of becoming obese than a baby from a big biological mom born to a slim surrogate"


  • The most compelling data comes from comparing obesity rates in siblings born to the exact same mother before and after her bariatric surgery. Compared to their brothers and sisters born before the surgery, those born when mom weighed about 100 pounds less had lower rates of inflammation, metabolic derangements, and, most critically, three times less risk of developing severe obesity (affecting 35 percent of those born before the weight loss compared to 11 percent born after). The researchers conclude “these data emphasize how critical it is to prevent obesity and treat it effectively to prevent further transmission to future generations.”

It is well known that

  • Obese people have lower levels of Vitamin D
  • The Vitamin D levels during pregancy determin many health aspects of the future child

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