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Off topic: In 1854 a medical journal proposed that Diabetes would be treated by Brewer’s Yeast

Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast for Diabetes Dr. Greger March 2021
“In 1854, a case report was published in the precursor of the British Medical Journal, suggesting two to three tablespoons of brewer’s yeast every day could cure diabetes within six weeks. But it took another hundred and fifty years before it was finally put to the test in a randomized double-blind controlled clinical trial of about a half of a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast a day for three months. What happened? A significant drop in fasting blood sugars and hemoglobin A1c, as well as an improvement in insulin sensitivity “

It appears that the primary benefit was due to the Chromium



Overview Diabetes and vitamin D contains the following

  • Diabetes is 5X more frequent far from the equator
  • Children getting 2,000 IU of vitamin D are 8X less likely to get Type 1 diabetes
  • Obese people get less sun / Vitamin D - and also vitamin D gets lost in fat
  • Sedentary people get less sun / Vitamin D
  • Worldwide Diabetes increase has been concurrent with vitamin D decrease and air conditioning
  • Elderly get 4X less vitamin D from the same amount of sun
        Elderly also spend less time outdoors and have more clothes on
  • All items in category Diabetes and Vitamin D 477 items: both Type 1 and Type 2

Vitamin D appears to both prevent and treat diabetes

  • Appears that >2,000 IU will Prevent
  • Appears that >4,000 IU will Treat , but not cure
  • Appears that Calcium and Magnesium are needed for both Prevention and Treatment
    • which are just some of the vitamin D cofactors

Number of articles in both categories of Diabetes and:

  • Dark Skin 23;   Intervention 51;   Meta-analysis 34;   Obesity 28;  Pregnancy 40;   T1 (child) 37;  Omega-3 11;  Vitamin D Receptor 21;  Genetics 11;  Magnesium 19    Click here to see details

Diabetic Epidemic

  • Step back to 1994. Suppose an epidemic struck the United States, causing blindness, kidney failure, and leg amputations in steadily increasing numbers.
    Suppose that in less than a decade's time, the epidemic had victimized one out of every eight people
    That epidemic is real, and its name is diabetes, now the nation's sixth leading cause of death.
    Chart from the web (2018?)

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