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Half of Diabetics cured in 16 days by eating a plant-based diet – Dr. Greger Sept 2019

How Not to Die from Diabetes

Clip 1
Without any weight loss, did a plant-based diet still help? Overall insulin requirements were cut about 60 percent, and half the diabetics were able to get off their insulin altogether. How many years did that take? Not years. An average of 16 days. Only 16 days.

Let’s be clear: We’re talking about diabetics who had had diabetes as long as 20 years and injected 20 units of insulin a day. Then, as few as 13 days later, they were off their insulin altogether, thanks to less than two weeks on a plant-based diet—even with zero weight loss. It’s astonishing. Twenty years with diabetes, and then off all insulin in less than two weeks. Twenty years with diabetes because no one had told them about a plant-based diet. For decades they were just 13 days away at any time from being free.

Clip 2 - Diabetic Death and animal protein
“Those eating a lot of animal protein… had 73 times the risk of dying from diabetes!”
“And those who chose moderation, only eating a “moderate” amount of animal protein, had 23 times the risk of death from diabetes.”

Note: The diet did not restrict calories, in fact it tried to keep the same number of calories - thus no weight loss while losing diabetes

How to not Die of Diabetes 2016 Video

Reference High-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets for insulin-treated men with diabetes mellitus – 1979

342 studies referenced this study as of 2019 Examples

  • Evidence-Based Nutrition Principles and Recommendations for the Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes and Related Complications - 2002
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    • https://doi.org/10.3945/ajcn.2009.26736H Free PDF Better than American Diabetes Guidline Diet

Items in both categories Diabetes and non-daily intervention are listed here:

A few of the many studies which agree

  • Association Between Plant-Based Dietary Patterns and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes -A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis July 2019
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  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: A Narrative Review of the Evidence - April 2019
    Diet has been proven many times be cure diabetes, but the "stand of care" continues to ignore the evidence for 40+ years

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Highlights from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing - Sept 2019

Comments to congress include

  • We do not have a protein-deficiency problem in the United States; we have a vegetable-deficiency problem.
  • "... the cancer risk of secondhand smoke is comparable to the 16% or 18% increased risk of colorectal cancer eating the equivalent of a single sausage link a day.”
  • ...at least back since 2007, when the first comprehensive analysis was published by the American Institute for Cancer Research. In fact, one of their top ten recommendations for cancer prevention: Avoid Processed Meat."
  • "The Global Burden of Disease Study, the largest study of disease risk factors in history—funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—found that the #1 cause of death in these United States is the American diet."

"After this hearing, the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services announced they are limiting the scope of information that can be used to determine the new guidelines. This decision leaves out the health impacts of ultraprocessed foods, sodium, and meat. "

"...over half of the calories consumed by Americans come from ultraprocessed foods "
References by Dr. Greger (hyperlinks are online)

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The Actual Reason Meat Is Not Healthy Atlantic Magazine

US meat consumption doubled from 1960 to 2019
"The average (US) man eats more than his own weight in meat every year"
and "Americans eat meat in quantities that are double the global average."
" In the early 1980s, the average Chinese person ate 30 pounds of meat a year. Today that number is nearly 140 pounds,"

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