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  1. A woman who has ZERO Vitamin D in her blood, even with supplementation – March 2019
  2. Behind the scenes of vitamin D binding protein - more than vitamin D binding – Oct 2015
  3. Blood tests can be a poor measure of actual vitamin D due to D Binding Protein (DBP) – May 2014
  4. COPD and Vitamin D, concise (46 page) review – Dec 2016
  5. Drug hypersensitivity is associated with Vitamin D Binding Protein, etc. – June 2019
  6. GC genotypes associated with lower vitamin D levels – April 2012
  7. Free vitamin D level much higher in Asians vs Caucasians after 150,000 IU dose – Aug 2018
  8. Genes are one of the reasons for low response to vitamin D – Nov 2014
  9. Hypothesis: Vitamin D Binding Protein limits vitamin D benefits outside of kidney too– Oct 2013
  10. Poor Vitamin D binding had 30 percent less response to Vitamin D (50,000 IU weekly) – Feb 2019
  11. Response to Vitamin D varies with Vitamin D Binding Protein gene – RCT May 2018
  12. Testing misses the Vitamin D tied up with VDBP – June 2014
  13. 4,000 IU vitamin D did not change 25OHD to Vitamin D Binding Protein ratio for obese – RCT April 2013
  14. 5X less risk of Kidney cancer if good ratio of Vitamin D binding protein to circulating vitamin D – Nov 2013
  15. Acute rheumatic fever associated with lower vitamin D – July 2017
  16. Asthma more closely associated with poor VDBP gene than with poor Vitamin D level – June 2014
  17. Atrial Fibrillation strongly associated with some vitamin D binding protein – Dec 2017
  18. Bio-available Vitamin D following mega-doses (up to 500,000 IU) – Clinical trial due 2018
  19. Bio-available Vitamin D is reduced by half during pregnancy – Jan 2017
  20. Bioavailable Vitamin D is the same blacks and whites, but measured vit D is not – Oct 2014
  21. Blacks have lower vitamin D levels, but OK active vitamin D levels (VDBP) - Feb 2015
  22. Bone density correlates better with free D (calculated) rather than measured vitamin D – Jan 2014
  23. Changes during pregnancy of vitamin D (decrease), DBP (2X) and albumin (0.8X) – Oct 2014
  24. COPD in Asians twice as likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein – meta-analysis May 2019
  25. CYP2R1 and GC variations decrease vitamin D response – PHD thesis Nov 2015
  26. Crohn's Disease flares 20 percent more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein – Oct 2016
  27. Coronary Heart Disease 57 percent more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein with high PTH – Nov 2017
  28. Coronary Artery Disease risk both increased and decreased by 30 percent with mutations in Vitamin D Binding – April 2016
  29. Decreased response to vitamin D in white children having poor Vitamin D binding gene – Feb 2019
  30. DBP-L is 8 times higher with Bipolar Disorder, but might be invisible to most tests – April 2017
  31. Epilepsy 1.4 X more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein (Han Chinese) – July 2018
  32. Fetal Growth poor if Vitamin D-Binding Protein gene poor – Feb 2017
  33. Genetic link found between vitamin D and COPD – June 2010
  34. Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis is 3X more likely if too much Vitamin D-Binding Protein – Nov 2016
  35. Genes (CYP2R1 and GC) which restrict the amount of Vitamin D which gets into bloodstream – June 2014
  36. Growth Hormone problem (Acromegaly) more likely if vitamin D gene problems
  37. Hip Fracture 2.5 times more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein gene - Aug 2015
  38. Infertility is also associated with poor Vitamin D Binding Protein – Oct 2017
  39. Late-stage MS associated with protein in spinal cord which blocks vitamin D – Jan 2013
  40. Kidney failure 1.7X more likely - Vitamin D Binding Protein – Feb 2016
  41. Kidney Cancer 4X more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein (5X in previous study) – Oct 2019
  42. If parents exposed to pesticides, genes changed. will need more vitamin D to avoid Prostate Cancer – July 2013
  43. Hypothesis – Bipolar disorder diagnose based on results of vitamin D-binding protein test – March 2018
  44. Multiple Sclerosis is associated with about 1.5 X more Vitamin D Binding Protein – Jan 2015
  45. Melanoma survival doubled with Vitamin D binding protein polymorphism – Nov 2015
  46. Pancreatic Cancer with high levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin D Binding Protein – Mar 2012
  47. Poor Vitamin D response 4X more likely if poor Vitamin D binding proteins - July 2019
  48. Prostate cancer 3X more likely to be lethal if both low vitamin D and poor Vitamin D Binding gene – March 2020
  49. Problems with Vitamin D Testing – chapter – Aug 2019
  50. Response to vitamin D related to DBP and CYP2RI genes – Aug 2013

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