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  1. 92 percent of Burn patients had low vitamin D, 600 IU did not help – Aug 2014
  2. 70 percent of some skin problems resolved with 7100 IU vitamin D (50000 weekly) – Jan 2011
  3. 5X more likely to have facial skin aging if vitamin D insufficient – Dec 2010
  4. 25 percent of most dermatologic prescriptions are not filled, however all vitamin D analogs were filled – Aug 2017
  5. Burned skin produces only about 25 percent as much vitamin D – March 2012
  6. Blotchy skin in seniors (Bateman purpura or dermatoporosis) treated by topical vitamin C, etc. – RCT Aug 2017
  7. Evidence indicating that vitamin D deals with microorganisms in atopic dermatitis – Jan 2015
  8. Every person having Verneuil's disease (skin) was vitamin D deficient – Dec 2014
  9. Less scarring (hypertrophic) if supplementation with Vitamin D got above 25 ng – RCT Sept 2018
  10. Burn patients have little vitamin D and benefit when it is restored
  11. Dermatologists use sun block, stay indoors, and have low vitamin D (Thai in this study) – Dec 2018
  12. Skin benefits from vitamin D – major overview Feb 2014
  13. Topical Vitamin D
  14. Skin fairness, red hair both associated with poor health (perhaps low vitamin D) – Dec 2019
  15. Another activator of vitamin D is the skin - June 2011
  16. Burns - will 200,000 IU of vitamin D decrease hospital stay - RCT 2021
  17. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) in Mongolian children reduced with 1,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Oct 2014
  18. Atopic Dermatitis risk is 55 percent higher if low vitamin D – Meta-analysis Oct 2015
  19. Atopic dermatitis worse for those with low vitamin D – Nov 2010
  20. Eczema 25 percent more likely if low vitamin D– July 2013
  21. Eczema not reduced in small study which used narrowband UVB to raise vitamin D levels – Feb 2014
  22. Hypothesis - Atopic Dermatitis protected by Omega-3 - Aug 2015
  23. Hypothesis: Extensive burns reduce vitamin D, which increase bone loss – Nov 2012
  24. Have We Gotten Sunscreen Totally Wrong - Jan 2019
  25. Low Vitamin D strongly associated with Systemic Sclerosis, a rare disease
  26. Itchy skin (pruritus) due to kidney disease was treated with topical vitamin D – April 2015
  27. Many other anti-cancer photoproducts generated on the skin in addition to vitamin D – Jan 2014
  28. Dermatologists still not convienced that Vitamin D reduces atopic dermatitis – Review Dec 2013
  29. Atopic Eczema might be helped by Vitamin D – Review May 2015
  30. Skin
  31. Deep wounds (Diabetic) healed slowly if low vitamin D – June 2019
  32. Wounds and burns healed with Vitamin D
  33. Off topic: Skin aging reversed with by oral collagen – trials and reviews
  34. Vitamin D for skin anti-aging – liposomal base is probably 1.6X better than oil base (in rats) – July 2019
  35. Spotty skin coloring (vitiligo) treated by augmenting topical tacrolimus with oral Vitamin D – Oct 2016
  36. Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema - many studies
  37. Leprosy risk is reduced by 3X for some types of Vitamin D Receptor (Brazil) – Sept 2019
  38. Leprosy 28 X more likely if a newly found Vitamin D Receptor modification (A61894G) – Dec 2017
  39. Shingles and vitamin D
  40. Acne 3X more likely if low Vitamin D – meta-analysis Oct 2019
  41. Acne
  42. No title specified
  43. No title specified
  44. Acne - Accutane - vitamin A - vitamin D and suicide - Nov 2010
  45. Expert Review by Dermatologists: get more vitamin D but avoid the sun – Dec 2012
  46. For small amounts of sunshine the amount of skin exposed may not matter – Jan 2011
  47. Malignant melanoma may be reduced by skin-activated vitamin D – Nov 2016
  48. Increased risk of atopic dermatitis with low vitamin D during pregnancy perhaps due to poor methylation – Oct 2018
  49. Intense UV damages cadaver skin– Oct 2012
  50. Atopic dermatitis treated by Vitamin D (in dogs too) - RCT Feb 2018

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