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  1. Veterinary and D
  2. circadian rhythms of vitamin D in horses - 2004
  3. UVB for african parrot - 2004
  4. Fat-soluble vitamins vary during the day in horse- 2003.pdf
  5. Canaries in the coal mine - increase in mammal weight - Nov 2010
  6. 2X Daily variation of vitamin D in horses - 2008
  7. Chart vitamin D variation in horses during the day
  8. UV bulb spectrums for reptiles
  9. Reptile UV
  10. Horse feed adds about 300 iu per pound
  11. Sun cured hay has high levels of vitamin D
  12. Why Do Cats Lick Themselves.
  13. UVB better than Vit D supplements for pet reptiles
  14. uvb better than vitamin D for iguana
  15. Calf with equiv 1930 IU daily 2009
  16. Chart: Calf with 1930 IU is high dose
  17. Reptiles limit their UV to a few hours per day
  18. You can tan without any 300 nm uv - 2008
  19. More sunspot and UV-B associated with more moths - 2004
  20. Vitamin Tolerance of Animals A, Bs, D, E, K - 1987.pdf
  21. Cows get 30 IU per KG
  22. Sick birds need UV
  23. UVB Reptile
  24. Vitamin D3 and pet birds
  25. Fresh hay has 2000 IU of vitamin D per kilogram
  26. Vitamin D increased absorption of Phosphorus and Calcium in steers – April 2012
  27. Feed chicken lots of vitamin D, get 6000 IU per egg with no change in production – Nov 2013
  28. Is HyD (25(OH)D) a better form of vitamin D for some animals and maybe humans with liver problems
  29. 10 million IU of vitamin D3 for cows was great unless had vitamin D2 – July 2011
  30. 130% more piglets after giving gilt Calcidiol, a form of vitamin D – Nov 2012
  31. 200 IU per 100 gram of egg yoke when add vitamin D to poultry feed in Europe – Aug 2011
  32. 3 primates have higher levels of vitamin D than clothed humans, level varies between individuals – April 2015
  33. 3 proven ways to increase Vitamin D in eggs – Aug 2020
  34. 6 days of 7,000,000 IU of vitamin D improved the resulting beef – June 2011
  35. Active vitamin D increased fractional rate of protein synthesis in chickens by 3X – March 2015
  36. Acute pancreatitis in dogs is associated with low vitamin D (lowest D equals death) – Aug 2017
  37. Animals get a lot more vitamin D than minimum recommended for humans – 2016
  38. Atopic dermatitis treated by Vitamin D (in dogs too) - RCT Feb 2018
  39. Beef was more tender and contained more vitamin D when finishing diet included 4,000 IU of Vitamin D – Dec 2017
  40. Behavior changes due to low vitamin D – in rodents – Nov 2015
  41. Bone strength increased when sow and piglets had enough Vitamin D and Phosphorus – April 2015
  42. Boron is vital for animal (and human) health – Dec 2018
  43. Breed cows based on vitamin D production – Aug 2013
  44. Calves do well with 1930 IU of vitamin D - 6X more that feed recommendations - May 2010
  45. Cats with feline HIV and hospitalized cats have low levels of vitamin D – Nov 2015
  46. Cattle need 66 IU of vitamin D per pound
  47. Chicken bones, eggs, and activated vitamin D in eggs increased with 2 hours of daily UVB – Dec 2019
  48. Chicken meat with lots of Omega-3 – available, US patent applied for – Aug 2019
  49. Chinchillas are another furry animal which makes vitamin D from UVB – May 2014

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