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  1. Active vitamin D increased fractional rate of protein synthesis in chickens by 3X – March 2015
  2. Animals get a lot more vitamin D than minimum recommended for humans – 2016
  3. Calves do well with 1930 IU of vitamin D - 6X more that feed recommendations - May 2010
  4. Cattle need 66 IU of vitamin D per pound
  5. Chinchillas are another furry animal which makes vitamin D from UVB – May 2014
  6. Breed cows based on vitamin D production – Aug 2013
  7. Beef was more tender and contained more vitamin D when finishing diet included 4,000 IU of Vitamin D – Dec 2017
  8. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pet birds, etc need Vitamin D
  9. Dogs, like humans, need vitamin D for many reasons – Jan 2018
  10. Dairy cattle have 70 ng of vitamin D if supplementation equal to 5,000 IU for human – Dec 2016
  11. Cows in pastures need vitamin D for milk production – March 2015
  12. Controversy cats and vitamin D
  13. Healthy pigs get at least 2 X more vitamin D than the govt recommends
  14. Fish need vitamin D and C for their bones – Dec 2010
  15. Half of dogs now get cancer, it used to be just 1 percent (probably low Vitamin D)
  16. Lizard (brown sagrei) seeks more UVB when if is less vitamin d in diet – Dec 2013
  17. Lots of vitamin D for steers – June 2011
  18. Lambs get 10X more vitamin D3 in their milk formula than humans
  19. Insects create Vitamin D from light (similar to most animals) – July 2018
  20. Invertebrates use Vitamin D3 as well – April 2013
  21. Acute pancreatitis in dogs is associated with low vitamin D (lowest D equals death) – Aug 2017
  22. 6 days of 7,000,000 IU of vitamin D improved the resulting beef – June 2011
  23. 200 IU per 100 gram of egg yoke when add vitamin D to poultry feed in Europe – Aug 2011
  24. 3 primates have higher levels of vitamin D than clothed humans, level varies between individuals – April 2015
  25. 10 million IU of vitamin D3 for cows was great unless had vitamin D2 – July 2011
  26. Cats with feline HIV and hospitalized cats have low levels of vitamin D – Nov 2015
  27. Boron is vital for animal (and human) health – Dec 2018
  28. Bone strength increased when sow and piglets had enough Vitamin D and Phosphorus – April 2015
  29. Dog Cancer (hemangiosarcoma) is rare if more than 100 ng of vitamin D – July 2014
  30. Dog Cancer 4X more likely if low Vitamin D – Nov 2015
  31. Dogs – like humans – with IBD were low on vitamin D – July 2011
  32. Dogs with Cancer have low vitamin D, same as humans – Sept 2017
  33. Domesticated animals vary in amount and causes of bone diseases – March 2018
  34. Even cows need more than 90 minutes in the sun each day – Feb 2012
  35. Experiment with feedlot cattle vitamin A and D – May 2012
  36. Companion animals (dog, cats) need vitamin D too – March 2016
  37. Cow, mouse, and human immune system and vitamin D – March 2012
  38. Critically ill dogs with good levels of vitamin D have much better outcomes (humans too) – March 2018
  39. High-altitude sheep had higher levels of vitamin D and better bones – Feb 2013
  40. Hypothesis – dinosaur extinction due to low vitamin D (fewer eggs hatched) – March 2019
  41. Hens fed a form of vitamin D had more hatchable eggs and more immune chicks – March 2015
  42. High dose vitamin D (20,000 IU per kg) safe for pigs – Aug 2015
  43. Heavier offspring if mothers had more sunlight (sheep in this case) – Feb 2019
  44. Health and Light - Ott 1973
  45. Less weight gain in mice getting lots of vitamin D – June 2014
  46. In less than 3 weeks chickens have problems if they do not have vitamin D
  47. Chicken meat with lots of Omega-3 – available, US patent applied for – Aug 2019
  48. Vitamin D in eggs increased 4X after UV lighting near legs was added – April 2019
  49. Hens with Vitamin D were better in at least 5 ways – RCT Aug 2018
  50. Pigs use to get the flu only in the winter (got Vitamin D in the summer) - Nov 2018

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