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Animals get a lot more vitamin D than minimum recommended for humans – 2016

DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines 2016 for animal nutrition

The goal of a Vet is to keep animals healthy.
The goal of a goverment is to avoid any possible risk to the recomenders in the govt.

Humans need more vitamin D


  • IU is typically per kilogram of feed
    It seems that a human adult eats about 2 kg of dry food/day, so might multiply by 2X for adult
  • They often also use HyD – a semi-activated form of Vitamin D
  • They also use vitamin K3
    "Menadione is metabolized by the human body into K2" WikiPedia
    In the United States, menadione supplements are banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because of their potential toxicity in human use. Low-dose menadione is still used as an inexpensive micronutrient for livestock in many countries. Forms of menadione are also included in some pet foods in developed countries as a source of vitamin K. These doses have yielded no reported cases of toxicity from menadione in livestock or pets.

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