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Some COVID-19 infection become COVID Long-Haul - Nov 2020

Doctors Begin to Crack Covid’s Mysterious Long-Term Effects

Wall Street Journal Nov1, PDF

COVID-19 cardiac injury: Implications for long-term surveillance and outcomes in survivors - Nov 2020

Three-month outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients - Oct 17 preprint

Long-term COVID-19 symptoms in a large unselected population - Oct 10 preprint

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  • "Our results show that 43.4% of COVID-19+ cases have symptoms lasting longer than 30 days, and 24.1% still have at least one symptom after 90 days. "
  • "These numbers are higher for COVID-19+ cases who were initially more ill, 59.4% at 30 days and 40.6% at 90 days, "
  • "but even for very mild and initially asymptomatic cases, 14.3% have complications persist for 30 days or longer."

Long-Haul COVID - Editorial Sept 29, 2020

Long haul is being so poorly reported in the US that one website has stopped even gathering the information Jan 14

Long-haul fatigue, etc. common after viral infections (SARS1,2, MERS, Swine, 1918,...)

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

As of March 31, 2024, the VitaminDWiki COVID page had:  trial results,   meta-analyses and reviews,   Mortality studies   see related:   Governments,   HealthProblems,   Hospitals,  Dark Skins,   All 26 COVID risk factors are associated with low Vit D,   Fight COVID-19 with 50K Vit D weekly   Vaccines   Take lots of Vitamin D at first signs of COVID   166 COVID Clinical Trials using Vitamin D (Aug 2023)   Prevent a COVID death: 9 dollars of Vitamin D or 900,000 dollars of vaccine - Aug 2023
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