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Household air pollution increases the risk of pregnancy disorders, Vitamin D reduces the risk – Nov 2021

Vitamin D intake modifies the association of household air pollution exposure with maternal disorders of pregnancy

Indoor Air. 2021 Nov 27. doi: 10.1111/ina.12963
Adeladza K Amegah 1, Christian Sewor 1, Akua A Obeng 1, Eric S Coker 2, Sebastian Eliason 3

To date, only three studies have investigated the association of household air pollution (HAP) exposure with pregnancy disorders. The ameliorating role of diet and nutrition in the association has never been explored. We conducted a cross-sectional study among 799 mothers who had recently given singleton birth in the Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana. Structured questionnaire and semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire were used to assess HAP exposure (from use of biomass fuels for cooking and garbage burning at home) and vitamin D (vitD) intake, respectively. Multivariable binary logistic regression was used to investigate the association between HAP exposure and pregnancy disorders. HAP exposure due to

  • cooking with biomass fuels and garbage burning at home was associated with two fold (AOR = 2.15; 95% confidence interval CI: 1.05, 4.43) and
  • six fold (AOR = 6.35; 95% CI: 2.43, 16.58) increased odds of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP).
  • For gestational diabetes (GDM), the increased odds were two folds for both exposures but the 95% CI included the null value.
  • Stove stacking was also associated with two folds increased odds of GDM (AOR = 1.83; 95% CI: 0.91, 3.68).

In stratified analysis, the odds of HDP and GDM associated with biomass fuels use decreased with increasing vitD intake. All the interaction p values were, however, greater than 0.05. We provide the first evidence on the ameliorating role of vitD intake on the effect of HAP exposure on pregnancy disorders. In LMICs where solid fuel use and garbage burning at home is widespread, health workers should advise mothers during antenatal care visits to increase intake of vitamin D rich foods.

VitaminDWiki - Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D has

Fact: Pollution reduces the amount of time that people are outdoors
Fact: Pollution is often associated with hot temperatures - another reason to not go outdoors
Fact: Less time outdoors results in lower Vitamin D levels
Fact: Pollution attenuates the amount of UVB getting to the skin (but by only a few percent)
Fact:The body's ability to fight Irritation/Inflammation is aided by vitamin D
Fact: All of the types of PM2.5 deaths are also associated with low vitamin D
Conclusion: Vitamin D supplementation helps the body fight the effects of pollution.

  • There were 34 references on Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D page as of Dec 2020
  • Inhaled vitamin D might turn out to be especially good form as it goes directly to the lungs.

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