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Smoking while pregnant lowers vitamin D and increases child asthma by 3.6 X – Aug 2011

The title of this page is the conclusion of a Sept 2011 study – bullet point summary are below

FACT: Being Pregnant greatly increases the need for vitamin D
FACT: Smoking reduces vitamin D in the body
FACT: Children born of women with lots of vitamin D are 5X less likely to get asthma
VitaminDWiki interpretation of the study: Smoking ==> Reduce vitamin D ==> Increase chance of asthma in child
Suggestion - if you must smoke while pregnant, take at least 6,000 IU of vitamin D daily

Sept 2011 edition of the journal Pediatrics – pediatrics.aappublications.org.

  • Smoking while pregnant: Severe asthma 3.6 X
  • Smoking while pregnant: asthma symptoms by 3X
  • Smoking while pregnant: Asthma related emergency room visits 4X
  • Study looked at 295 children with asthma, aged 8 to 16 years,
  • 14% of American women smoke during pregnancy
  • Smoking while pregnant: – mother most likely did not finish high school

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