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  1. A fish a day keeps the doctor away – Japan 2002
  2. Alkaline diet is synergistic with vitamin D – Oct 2011
  3. 2 Australian eggs might provide all of your daily Vitamin D needs – May 2019
  4. "Free range" lard has 500 IU vitamin D per teaspoon
  5. Apparently cods have too much variation in their liver oil nowdays
  6. Breakfast cereals have a small amount of vitamin D
  7. Eat eggs to get of good level of vitamin D (need to eat 35 daily) – Jan 2019
  8. Diets lack micronutrients such as vitamin D - June 2010
  9. Expect some food to have more vitamin D in 2012
  10. Even more growth predicted for vitamin D market - March 2010
  11. Farmed fish not have enough vitamin D to increase levels – RCT Feb 2014
  12. Farmed salmon is the most toxic food known
  13. Hypothesis - Reduced food nutrition has reduced our health
  14. Full-fat milk for children associated with higher Vitamin D and lower BMI – Dec 2016
  15. Free range eggs have 4X as much vitamin D
  16. Little vitamin D in various types of milk – Oct 2012
  17. Increased vitamin D in food without fortification – March 2011
  18. Bio-engineered Salmon raised in tanks can be sold in US restaurants – July 2019
  19. Salmon and IU of Vitamin D per 100 g – Baltic 760, North Sea 360, Farmed 200 – April 2019
  20. Vitamin D fortification of cattle would provide you only 80 IU – Aug 2018
  21. Egg vitamin D levels are not permitted to be restored to levels before chickens were raised indoors – Feb 2017
  22. Greenlanders – higher vitamin D if eat more Inuit foods (fatty fish, etc) – Aug 2013
  23. Lower Vitamin D if less food from the sea (Greenland in this case) – Oct 2019
  24. Fish in school lunches added 36 IU of vitamin D and raised blood level in winter by 2 ng – Oct 2015
  25. Actual vitamin D intake just 200 IU daily - 2010
  26. 80 percent of vitamin D from sun rather than from food – Nov 2010
  27. 6 days of 7,000,000 IU of vitamin D improved the resulting beef – June 2011
  28. 200000 IU vitamin D daily can result in Hypervitaminosis in weeks – 1992
  29. 11,000 IU vitamin D daily from traditional Norwegian diet of cod, cod liver, cod-liver oil, and roe – 2004
  30. "Free Range Lard" has lots of vitamin D and is good for you
  31. Can triple the vitamin D in carrots - Jan 2011
  32. Elderly 3X more likely to have 30 ng of vitamin D if frequently eat fatty fish, eggs – Aug 2013
  33. Fatty Fish in diet increases vitamin D level a few nanograms – meta-analysis Sept 2015
  34. Cod liver oil rarely has vitamin D from the liver or even from the cod
  35. Cooking reduces vitamin D content by about 30 percent – Oct 2013
  36. Cooked mushrooms (Vitamin D2) did not increase vitamin D serum levels – Aug 2014
  37. Free-range bacon has 2800 IU of vitamin D per 100 grams
  38. Food Sources and Vitamin D
  39. Food sources for Vitamin D
  40. Health benefits of seafood: Vitamin D, Omega-3, and Selenium – Jan 2013
  41. Lard fed to rats has more vitamin D and Omega-3 than does shortening – Dec 2015
  42. Farmed fish have 2X less Omega-3, 4X less Vitamin D – May 2017
  43. Vitamin D from animal products - July 2013
  44. Free-range chicken eggs have at least 3X more vitamin D – Oct 2013
  45. More vegetables or fish, less Cancer – June 2014
  46. Hens with Vitamin D were better in at least 5 ways – RCT Aug 2018
  47. Egg vitamin D levels are not permitted to be restored to levels before chickens were raised indoors – Feb 2017
  48. Salmon dinners (400 IU Vitamin D daily) not enough to stop winter decline (Norway) – RCT Nov 2019
  49. 25(OH)D (Calcidiol) in animal-based food increases effective vitamin D by 6X – March 2014
  50. Calcium in food increased much more than Magnesium in recent decades April 2010

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