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Cod liver oil rarely has vitamin D from the liver or even from the cod

Description of Cod Liver Oil Manufacturing Weston A Price 2006

US standards limit “cod liver oil” to A to 2500 IU and Vitamin D to 250 IU per gram.
Many cod have far higher amounts than the US regulations.
Commercially all of the cod fat is used, not just that fat coming from the liver.
Commercial process removes most of the natural vitamin A and all of the vitamin D from the fat.
Then artificial vitamins are added back to meet the US standards

Note: Many of the benefits of Cod Liver oil have been "discovered" to be from Vitamin D

Wikipedia entry for Cod Liver oil Feb 2012

Majority of the benefits of “cod liver oil” are seen from vitamin D (Omega 3 fatty acids help of course)

  • heart
  • bone
  • helping to repair wounded skin, hair, and nails.
  • long-term treatment of multiple sclerosis
  • lower risk of Type I diabetes
  • infant brain development
  • infant infections
  • 25% reduction in death due to all cancers
  • 45% reduction in death due to lung cancers
  • rheumatoid arthritis
    1 gram daily decreased morning stiffness, painful and swollen joints , and pain intensity
    (Note: 1 gram = 250 IU of vitamin D)

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