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Bio-engineered Salmon raised in tanks can be sold in US restaurants – July 2019

Undisclosed GMO salmon soon to be offered at restaurants, health-conscious consumers beware

Approved by the FDA in 2018?

  • “These farmers genetically modify their salmon eggs by injecting them with DNA of other fish species. This causes the salmon to hatch earlier and grow faster – about twice as fast as wild caught salmon.”
  • “… grown in cramped indoor tanks until they reach about 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms). After hitting double digits in weight, the fish can be sold to restaurants, schools, and other institutions in the U.S.”

Apparently the FDA is not requiring the companies to put a GMO label on the bio-engineered salmon sold in grocery stores until Jan 2022
The FDA is requring the salmon to be raised in tanks rather than the ocean due to the fear that they may escape and breed with wlid salmon Wikipedia

Consumer Labs also reported this in March 2019

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