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  1. 90 percent of people with Spot Baldness (Alopecia Areata) had low level of vitamin D – March 2014
  2. Being told you have allergies is associated with less than 10 ng vitamin D – Nov 2011
  3. Autoimmune diseases and over-active T cells (which are deactivated by vitamin D) – March 2014
  4. Autoimmune system, Dendric cells and active Vitamin D (technical) March 2019
  5. Autoimmunity and Optimal Vitamin-D – Stochastic Chemical Dynamic correlation – June 2014
  6. Autoimmunity and vitamin D - several articles April 2010
  7. Hives for more than 6 weeks (chronic spontaneous urticaria) Vitamin D should help – Dec 2018
  8. Food allergy and low vitamin D – unsure – June 2013
  9. FMF: another autoimmune disease associated with low vitamin D – Nov 2013
  10. Hair loss strongly associated with poor vitamin D receptors– Dec 2016
  11. Increase food sensitization by 80 percent if vitamin D deficient with specific genotypes – Aug 2011
  12. Muscular dystrophy might be treated by Vitamin D
  13. Vitamin D and autoimmune diseases – Sept 2019
  14. 6X as many people with allergic rhinitis were severely vitamin D deficient – Jan 2012
  15. Acute rheumatic fever associated with lower vitamin D – July 2017
  16. ALL autoimmune peripheral neuropathy patients had low vitamin D levels – Oct 2014
  17. Allergic diseases in the elderly – Oct 2011
  18. Allergic rhinitis 56 percent more likely if low vitamin D – Nov 2013
  19. Allergic rhinitis associated with less vitamin D in men yet more in women – Jan 2014
  20. Antimicrobial peptides (which attack pathogens) are increased by Vitamin D
  21. 30 to 40 ng of vitamin D associated with the least peanut allergy – Nov 2012
  22. 2X more allergies if 11th womb week was in Spring – Vitamin D or pollen Oct 2010
  23. 11X more non-immigrant children allergic to peanuts if vitamin D less than 20 ng – Feb 2013
  24. Childhood Food Allergies (UK 1 in 14) – huge recent increase (low vitamin D) - Dec 2018
  25. APS (associated with miscarriage, stillbirth. preterm delivery and stroke) is 3X more likely if low vitamin D – meta-analysis Oct 2017
  26. Autoimmunity, T Cells and vitamin D: A chemical network analysis – May 2013
  27. Autoimmune disease clusters run in families (polyautoimmunity) are associated with low vitamin D
  28. Autoimmune diseases occur more often in women than men
  29. Autoimmune Hepatitis 8X more likely if low vitamin D – Dec 2014
  30. Autoimmunity and vitamin D – review Jan 2013
  31. Brazillian petition to permit high vitamin D doses for autoimune diseases – Aug 2014
  32. Huge increase in food allergies in Australia may be due to low vitamin D
  33. Hypothesis: Placentas cause more autoimmune diseases in females – July 2019
  34. Immune system is helped by vitamin D via dendritic cells – Sept 2015
  35. Impact of vitamin D on immune function: lessons learned from genome-wide analysis – April 2014
  36. Food allergies and low vitamin D – thymus may be the connection – June 2016
  37. GlutenDoctors on D3 better than D2 and problems with Vitamin A
  38. Kawasaki disease (strawberry tongue) associated with very low vitamin D – May 2015
  39. Kawasaki disease (strawberry tongue) not treated by occasional 400 IU of Vitamin D – Feb 2019
  40. Less sun (less vitamin D) more anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) – June 2014
  41. Lupus 8X more likely to not even have 20 ng of vitamin D – May 2011
  42. Is Vitamin D Supplementation Responsible for the Allergy Pandemic – May 2012
  43. Infant allergy to cow’s milk will go away if have high levels of vitamin D – Jan 2017
  44. Innate and adaptive immune systems probably helped by vitamin D – Oct 2014
  45. Interview of Dr. Coimbra: MS, Autoimmune, Vitamin D, B2, Ca, Mg, PTH etc. – perhaps 2018
  46. Infectious burden linked to cognitive decline (both linked to low vitamin D) – March 2013
  47. Many autoimmune diseases associated with low vitamin D or poor Vit D genes – July 2019
  48. Food allergy is linked to season of birth, sun exposure, and vitamin D deficiency – Jan 2019
  49. Autoimmunity problems often associated with poor Vitamin D Receptors – March 2019
  50. Vitamin D and the Immune System – chapter Aug 2019

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