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  1. meta-analysis of autoimmune - 2010.pdf
  2. Vitamin D and Autoimmune slides wisconsin - 2010.pdf
  3. Gene, vitamin D, and food allergy - 2011.pdf
  4. IOM Table 1 Vit D primary studies
  5. IOM Table 2 Primary Calcium studies
  6. IOM Table 3 primary Vit D and Calcium studies
  7. Does Vitamin D Intake During Infancy Promote the Development of Atopic Allergy?
  8. The COVID Virus May Prompt the Body to Attack Itself - Jan 29, 2021
  9. Endometriosis treated, and perhaps prevented, by vitamin D
  10. Yet another autoimmune disease is associated with low vitamin D ( Vasculitis – inflamed blood vessels) – Dec 2020
  11. Spot Baldness (Alopecia Areata) 4.1 X more likely if low vitamin D – meta-analysis Aug 2020
  12. Ankylosing spondylitis and low vitamin D – several studies
  13. Allergy - Overview
  14. Autoimmune and high-dose vitamin D (Dr. Coimbra) - Dr. Mahtani video and transcript - Nov 2020
  15. Vitamin D Resistance hypothesis confirmed by Coimbra high-dose vitamin D protocol – April 2021
  16. Successful high dose vitamin D (Coimbra Protocol) should be evaluated – June 2019
  17. Autoimmune
  18. Vitiligo (spotty skin coloring) is 4 X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – meta-analysis July 2018
  19. Chronic Hives treated by Vitamin D - many studies
  20. 1000 IU per kg Vitamin D for autoimmune diseases – Coimbra Aug 2013
  21. 11X more non-immigrant children allergic to peanuts if vitamin D less than 20 ng – Feb 2013
  22. 2X more allergies if 11th womb week was in Spring – Vitamin D or pollen Oct 2010
  23. 30 to 40 ng of vitamin D associated with the least peanut allergy – Nov 2012
  24. 3X more allergy to peanuts if child born with low UV – Feb 2011
  25. 6X as many people with allergic rhinitis were severely vitamin D deficient – Jan 2012
  26. Acute rheumatic fever associated with lower vitamin D – July 2017
  27. Adaptive and innate immune system, vitamin D genes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis – June 2019
  28. Adaptive immunity (cancer, viruses, autoimmune) and vitamin D – April 2016
  29. Alemtuzumab treatment of autoimmune diseases has many side effects, Vitamin D should prevent most of them – June 2019
  30. ALL autoimmune peripheral neuropathy patients had low vitamin D levels – Oct 2014
  31. All pregnant women (in UK) should have free vitamin D – Gillie Aug 2015
  32. Allergic diseases in the elderly – Oct 2011
  33. Allergic rhinitis 56 percent more likely if low vitamin D – Nov 2013
  34. Allergic rhinitis associated with less vitamin D in men yet more in women – Jan 2014
  35. Anti-bacterial action of vitamin D – March 2010
  36. Antibiotics increased the risk of asthma by 47%, and allergies by 25% - Dec 2019
  37. APS (associated with miscarriage, stillbirth. preterm delivery and stroke) is 3X more likely if low vitamin D – meta-analysis Oct 2017
  38. Autoimmune Addison's Disease – increased risk if born in Dec or Jan – Nov 2016
  39. Autoimmune disease clusters run in families (polyautoimmunity) are associated with low vitamin D
  40. Autoimmune disease treated by Vitamin D, Zinc (and other activators of Vitamin D Receptor) – Oct 2019
  41. Autoimmune diseases and over-active T cells (which are deactivated by vitamin D) – March 2014
  42. Autoimmune diseases associated with low Vitamin D and Vitamin D Receptor – July 2017

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