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  1. 360X more bacterial than human genes in the body – June 2012
  2. Antibiotics, even short-term, cause long-term microbiome and metabolic changes in mice – June 2015
  3. Biota and Vitamin D - thoughts
  4. Exploring gut microbes in Human health and disease: pushing the envelope - Aug 2014
  5. Fecal transplant from young reduced age-associated defects in old (mice so far) – Aug 2021
  6. Gut bacteria of Crohn's disease patients improved by Vitamin D – March 2018
  7. Gut microbiome altered by many nutrients – such as Vitamin D – Jan 2020
  8. Gut microbiome massively changed by weekly vitamin D – July 2015
  9. Gut Microbiota: improved by Vitamin D – narrative review – July 2021
  10. Gut Microbiota: The Neglected Endocrine Organ (vitamin D not mentioned) – July 2014
  11. Healthy microbiota might reduce COVID-19 – multiple studies
  12. Hydrogel encapsulated vitamin D gets to colon – Sept 2018
  13. Inflammatory bowel disease, gut bionome and Vitamin D Receptor – 2018
  14. Low vitamin D in pregnancy linked to potentially harmful vaginal bacteria in black women - May 2019
  15. Microbiome
  16. Microbiome improvement by probiotics can be augmented with phages (gut, etc.)
  17. Migraine Headache association with poor gut – Feb 2020
  18. Oral Vitamin D, the lung microbiome and Tuberculosis – June 2019
  19. Poor absorption of Vitamin D is strongly related to type of gut bacteria – Dec 2020
  20. Prediabetics had different gut bacteria – April 2018
  21. Resveratrol, Metabolic Syndrome, and Gut Microbiota – Nov 2018
  22. Strong interactions between Vitamin D and the gut microbiota via Butyrate and VDR – Dec 2019
  23. Vitamin D and the Host-Gut Microbiome: A Brief Overview– June 2020
  24. Vitamin D levels change Gut Microbiota – 25 study review Sept 2021
  25. Vitamin D, Gut Microbiota, and Chemo-radiation interactions – Dec 2019
  26. Vitamin D, immunity and microbiome – Dec 2014

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