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Oral Vitamin D, the lung microbiome and Tuberculosis – June 2019

The lung microbiome, vitamin D, and the tuberculous granuloma: A balance triangle

Microbial Pathogenesis, Volume 131, June 2019, Pages 158-163. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.micpath.2019.03.041

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Overview Tuberculosis and Vitamin D includes:

There are many indications that vitamin D both PREVENTS and TREATS TB

  • As with many other diseases, we expect that there will be at least a 4X range of vitamin D due to:
    • 4X range in the response in the vitamin D blood level for the same IU dose - for healthy, non-obese, people
  • Also expect that co-factors and Vitamin D Receptor activators will prove to be very important
  • UV appears to be as powerful or perhaps more powerful than vitamin D in TREATING TB
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Note: Might be possible to get vitamin D directly to the lung microbiome if it were inhaled.
No mention of that possibility in this study

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  • Granuloma formation in tuberculosis involves multiple cell interactions which are affected by commensals in the lung.
  • It is possible that lung microbiota changes could affect tuberculous granuloma dynamics.
  • VD plays a key role in the immune response to Mtb, granuloma formation, and intestinal and lung microbiome modulation.
  • These three variables interact with each other in TB, determining the outcome of infection and progression of disease.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) has the extraordinary ability to persist for decades within granulomas in the human host. These histopathological structures involved in both protection and pathogenesis, are subject to various influences from the host systemically and through micro-niche environments. Despite the fact that vitamin D (VD) has a key role in macrophage activation and mycobacterial clearance in the early stages of Mtb infection, the overall role of VD in granuloma maintenance or functionality has been scarcely studied. VD deficiency has long time been known to influence on gut microbiota composition, and recent studies have shown that it can also impact on respiratory microbiome. The human microbiota plays an important role in pathogen colonization resistance, and it has been proposed to play a potential role in TB pathogenesis.

In this article, we have reviewed current knowledge on the interaction between VD, the lung microbiome and TB, and propose mechanisms by which the tuberculous granuloma's outcome could be modulated by these two factors. The determinants of the final fate of lung granulomas are still unclear, and deciphering the underlying drivers of Mtb infection outcome within those structures is of critical importance.

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