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Biota and Vitamin D - thoughts

Possible interactions between biota (gut bacteria, etc), antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin D


  1. There are some 10,000 biota in the human gut
  2. Antibiotics kills off gut biota. - sometimes being a species genocide (totally losing some contingency genes)
  3. Current probiotics will restock, at least for a few weeks 1-10 species.
  4. Antibiotics early in life (while still developing) can have profound effects on the individual's development, even if the species is later restocked.

Wonder: Raise vitamin D level BEFORE antibiotics
Might some antibiotics kill biota less - over all, or perhaps to just some species
Might some antibiotics kill biota MORE - Just as some Chemo drugs increase potency by 3X when have high level of vitamin D
Web research to be done: Does the effectiveness of antibiotics vary with vitamin D levels, season, skin color?

Wonder: Raise vitamin D level AFTER antibiotics
Might the biota recover more quickly
Might the vitamin D reduce the risks of various diseases which antibiotics had previousl increased (this appears to be the case for 20+ diseases)

Wonder: Would higher Vitamin D levels help PRObiotics

Wonder: Would higher Vitamin D levels help PREbiotics

Many things to learn in the next few months and years.

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