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  1. COVID 5X more likely if in prison (low Vitamin D, etc) - Oct 2021
  2. "Sunlight Officers" in some Australian senior facilities - Sept 2011
  3. 1700 IU vitamin D (50000 monthly) helped antarctic explorers – RCT Jan 2012
  4. 2000 IU daily raised vitamin D levels by 5 nanograms while on submarine patrol – July 2014
  5. 4.7X less likely to feed self in nursing home if vitamin D deficient – Oct 2013
  6. Antarctic Scientists got less than 150 IU of vitamin D daily - Aug 2015
  7. Black prisoners have lower vitamin D than whites in maximum security – March 2014
  8. Children with limited mobility are at high risk of being vitamin D deficient – June 2012
  9. Dementia risk increases 60 percent if have low vitamin D – Nov 2012
  10. Intellectually disabled 2X more likely to have low vitamin D (shut-in) – Sept 2014
  11. Lets go to the sunny beach, it is just down the hall – Nov 2011
  12. Long-Term bedridden patients have poor vitamin D and poor bones – June 2017
  13. Low Vitamin D if little UVB, supplementation helps (Antarctica) – meta-analysis Dec 2021
  14. NASA might save 700,000 dollars a day by giving astronauts enough Vitamin D
  15. NASA vitamin D deficiency treatment guidelines - 2013
  16. Nursing home residents 2X more likely to die of some surgeries – perhaps lack vitamin D
  17. Nursing homes could reduce risk of COVID-19 with Vitamin D – June 30, 2020
  18. One group of coal miners had surprising high Vitamin D levels in Sept (suspect low-cost UVB) – Sept 2021
  19. People who get little noon-day sun must supplement with Vitamin D – systematic review June 2017
  20. People with health problems lacking noon sun (severe Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) have even lower levels of vitamin D – March 2015
  21. People with no UV for 6 months in the winter need at least 2000 IU of vitamin D – April 2011
  22. Pressure Ulcers (bed sores) 1.87 more likely if vitamin D less than 25 ng – 2011
  23. Prison doctor on lack of vitamin D in solitary confinement – July 2013
  24. Prisoners have very low vitamin D and get TB, influenza, and depression
  25. Prisoners in psychiatric wards have very low levels of vitamin D – Oct 2012
  26. Radiologists are 1.7 X more likely to have low vitamin D (probably indoors too much) – Feb 2018
  27. RDA of Vitamins and minerals reduced incarceration by 2,993 dollars per prisoner – RCT Jan 2021
  28. Recommended increasing vitamin D for space flight – NASA Sept 2013
  29. Shut-in
  30. Simulated Mars trip ran low on vitamin D (no supplements, no UV) – Sept 2019
  31. Spinal Cord Injury wheelchair athletes helped by 12 weeks of Vitamin D – Sept 2016
  32. Submariners vitamin D levels continued to drop while on patrol (no surprise) – Dec 2013
  33. Task force for senior fall prevention finally recommends 800 IU of vitamin D – May 2012
  34. The only supplement NASA gives crews is vitamin D - Sept 2015
  35. Vitamin D supplementation can cost 50 dollars a day (live longer)

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