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NASA might save 700,000 dollars a day by giving astronauts enough Vitamin D

$360,000/ hour to operate Space Station $720,000/working hour (assuming work & exercise = 12 hours/day)
Astronauts spend 2 hours a day exercising to prevent bone loss
Probably only work and exercise 12 hours a day, so only 10 hours a day of work
Note: The only supplement NASA gives crews is vitamin D - Sept 2015 2,000 IU daily, which is not enough

I speculate that if astronauts got 8,000 IU of vitamin D daily that:

  1. Astronauts could spent 1 hour a day more actually working
    • each hour of the space station crew costs $720,000
  2. Astronauts would be healthier – and thus less time off due to sickness
  3. Less DNA damage from high-energy environment
    Vitamin D reduces damage from Cancer radiation treatment by 3X

I had been thinking about the value of a person's time
Then realized that an astronauts time is very costly
Henry Lahore, Founder of VitaminDWiki, Nov 2017

Web - in addition to Vitamin D, astronauts also need Magnesium

Suspect that the water recycling system on Space Station removes Magnesium

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