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Lets go to the sunny beach, it is just down the hall – Nov 2011

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It's called a Soleira sun simulator system. Briton House, a privately-owned retirement home in Toronto, has one.
There, residents can escape on a tropical break without ever leaving home.

The room is equipped with a simulated beach, with sand, the sound of surf, and plenty of warmth and sunshine thanks to a light system that simulates the summer sun

Eric Pflanzer runs the Canadian office of the Swedish-based Soleira Sun.
He says the system's computer and light system reproduce the sun's full-light spectrum, but it also reduces the harmful effects of UV rays.

Theoretically, the lights allow the skin to produce vitamin D, but without the damaging effects of tanning.
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This one is in Toronto, others being built in Quebec City and Niagara

Update Nov 25, 2011

Their system unfortunately has very little UV: about 1/3 that of the noon-time sun in Canada
They did not indicate how much UVA vs UVB
Even if we assume that they have not reduced or eliminated the UVB, seniors in t-shirts and shorts would need > 6 hours per day to get adequate vitamin D.
Recall that UVA produces tanning, UVB produces vitamin D.

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Sourcecost$/use 7UVA 5UVB Time4Eye protectNotes
Tanning bed - salon$20,000$ 120dark gogglesDrive to salon - skin can wrinkle if too much UVA
Tanning bed - home$2,000$ gogglesToo big for home? - skin can wrinkle if too much UVA
Psoriasis lamp $500$ gogglesPrescription typically - If too much: wrinkle and skin cancer
SAD 6$100$0.050.00nevernone 2No vitamin D
Vitamin D Bulb$50$ 2Can read while getting vitamin D 3
Sun0$ 2Excessive sun can cause skin wrinkles and cancer


Minutes of sun to get 40 ng of vitamin D

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