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Treating pre-diabetes with Magnesium Chloride should be cost effective – June 2022

Cost-effectiveness analysis of using oral magnesium supplementation in the treatment of prediabetes

Primary Care Diabetes June 2022, Pages 435-439 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pcd.2022.03.013 PDF is behind paywall
Fernando Guerrero-Romeroa 1 Armando Nevárez-Sidab 2 armando.nevarez at gmail.com

Markov model


Evidence from clinical trials supports the efficacy of oral magnesium supplementation in the treatment of glucose-related disorders. Thus, we evaluate the cost-effectiveness of using oral magnesium chloride (MgCl2) in prediabetes treatment.

A cost-effectiveness analysis was performed. For such purpose, we used original information from a randomized controlled clinical trial. Analysis was carried out based on a health services provider perspective, a 10-year time horizon, and 3% discount rate for costs and effectiveness. Taking into account risk factor profiles, a Markov micro-simulation model was used, and a probabilistic sensibility analysis was performed.

The oral MgCl2 was dominant with lower cost and greater effectiveness as compared with placebo. As compared with placebo, 22.3% and 22.0% of men using MgCl2 did not develop diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The cost per person of using MgCl2 as compared with placebo, in the individuals without complications, was $2206 versus $4048 USD for men, and $1984 versus $3272 USD for women. The sensitivity analysis confirmed the robustness of the base case.

Our results suggest that using oral MgCl2 for at least 4 months, in adults with prediabetes and hypomagnesemia, is a cost-effective option for reducing complications and direct medical costs.

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