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Top Vitamin D News: July 23 - Aug 5, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Populations with more than 50 ng of vitamin D
   The vitamin D video being produced by VitaminDWiki will probably suggest restoring vitamin D to 40+ ng
   Extremely few people now have an optimum level of vitamin D
   Video will probably discuss optimum rather than minimum levels
    Would appreciate your pro/con comments on the video

"Free Range Lard" has lots of vitamin D and is good for you
   slice of apple pie used to have 3,000 IU of vitamin D, Fish eggs still have 8,500 IU per teaspoon

Over 1000 Clinical Trials with Vitamin D INTERVENTION- Aug 2013 - with statistics!!

Premature birth 2.5X more likely if mother had low vitamin D and was having twins – July 2013 - Dark skin preemies even more frequent

Perhaps Italians have air conditioning too: lower latitudes have less vitamin D – July 2013
   close to equator ==> use air conditioning to totally avoid hot sun ==> less vitamin D

Strong association to other vitamin D deficiency diseases - 12 years in UK July 2013

Multiple Sclerosis: number needed to treat with vitamin D may be as low as 1.3 – Meta-analysis Oct 2013 - yet another study showing MS is treated by Vitamin D

UV decreases Multiple Sclerosis via cis-urocanic acid (and via vitamin D) – June 2013 another way that MS benefits from UV

Vets getting excited about vitamin D - Oct 2012
   Animal doctors continue to be ahead of human doctors in recogizing the importance of vitamin D. (Vets are paid to keep their patients health)

Overlooked Importance of Vitamin D Receptors – Life Extension Mag. Aug 2013 nice overview

Vitamin D Global Perspective - Holick June 2013 - the most recent in series of excellent vitamin D technical summaries by Dr. Holick

Supplement amounts can now be searched in a database – June 2013 - they now have a large PDF of supplements and health which I purchased

Headache with vitamin D may mean you need Magnesium there are 8 items on Headache in VitaminDWiki

Dementia associated with low vitamin D in two thirds of studies – systematic review May 2013 this is the 57th item on Cognition and vitamin D in VitaminDWiki

Bones can activate vitamin D – July 2013 - not too long ago it was believed that the kidney was required for Vitamin D activation

- - - - - - Following opportunities are on hold while Vitamin D video is being produced - - - - -
Opportunity: Enhance Workplace Wellness programs with Vitamin D Workplace FAMILY Wellness appears to provide a large Return on Investment

Group is giving only 200 IU of Vitamin D to 70 million women and children to prevent Rickets
   Several countries identified which 1) More than 10% of infants have rickets, 2) There are 1+ billionaires in the country who have given to health causes
   Problem: Want to give vitamin D to the mothers as well as infants, but WHO says only 200 IU vitamin D is needed.

Feasibility of having a vitamin D shaker (similar to a salt shaker) - for very very low cost vitamin D

New chart from Grassroots Health

Survey from Grassroots Health July 2013

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Top Vitamin D News - July 10-22, 2013       on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

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VitaminDCharts can also find just charts with a word on a page - example: charts with autism on the page

Can see all charts in VitaminDWiki

UVA decreased vitamin D levels (again) – July 2013 wonder about excess UVA thru windows and late afternoon walks

Vitamin D from animal products - July 2013 tuna liver has 150X more than salmon - suspect tuna liver has excessive Vitamin A

Gingivitis inflammation (retracted) -Jan 2013 29th Proof that Vitamin D helps

7 X more likely to get hip fracture if have highest level of vitamin A – Jan 2003 Yet another indication that Vitamin A causes problems

New vitamin D tester approved – not very accurate – July 2013 Their data shows that a reading of 40 ng could actually be anywhere from 35 - 70 ng

Inflammation new category
   VitaminDWiki admin had inflammation due to a recently torn muscle, recalled that Vitamin D helped with Inflammation, muscle totally healed in <1 week
   Full disclosure - I also used Low Level Laser Therapy, Penetrix cream: all of which reduce inflammation

Many papers from ELSEVIER in full text (papers had been behind a paywall)

Vitamins D and A, before and after birth – March 2013
Vets getting excited about vitamin D - Oct 2012
Tuberculosis, UV and perhaps vitamin D - Jan 2013
A UK doctor doubts that more than 400 IU is needed during pregnancy of white women – June 2013
Vitamin D and Breast Cancer: Emerging Concepts - June 2013
Chinese have very low vitamin D - July 2013
Technical comparison of vitamin D testers – July 2013
Rickets in the 21st century in the UK - 2012
Melatonin interacts with Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis patients
Rickets in Mongolia - July 2013
Vitamin D survey of general practitioners in New Zealand – June 2013

VitaminDWiki is still a non-profit, but is no longer non-income

  • Bio-Tech Pharmacal is sponsoring VitaminDWiki
  • Also paying for a 4 minute vitamin D video
    Goal: Reduce many of the 13 barriers to trying vitamin D
    Audience: Ages 40+, around the world, in 5 languages
    Very minimal mention of VitaminDWiki or Bio-Tech in the video, so that it can be used by scores of websites around the world.


  1. Feasability of having a vitamin D shaker (similar to a salt shaker)
  2. Workplace Family Wellness. Standard Workplace Wellness has about $1.20 return for every $1 invested
    Initially it appears to have a $20 return for every $1 invested in vitamin D
  3. Low-cost vitamin D sample via Amazon Fulfilment: Enough vitamin D that most people should feel the benefit in 3 weeks.

New charts

UV: vitamin D, tan @ is.gd/UV_VitD 50000 IU monthly is not a lot Not vary with form of vitamin D

Top Vitamin D News - July 1- 9, 2013       on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

(Many great vitamin D studies - a month is now too long to wait for a newsletter)
Overlooked Importance of Vitamin D Receptors – Life Extension Mag. Aug 2013   nice overview, failed to mention many important points

The new happy pill, vitamin D – Prevention July 2013    vitamin D reduces depression and pain

Pregnant women should have 4,000 IU of vitamin D – Topic review June 2013    by a Doctor of Nursing Practice student

Vitamin D is the one to watch – Harvard Public Health July 2013   3 minute video

Overview Breast Cancer and Vitamin D    initiated Breast Cancer overview in early July

If have BRCA1 breast cancer gene, instead of double mastectomy, get 40ng of vitamin D – Jan 2013

Increase your vitamin D from the sun by wearing a tan-through instead of standard shirt    Be socially acceptable while getting health benefits from the sun

Hypothesis: recent increases in flat-headed infants is due to low vitamin D – July 2013   Large recent increase in babies having non-symmetrical heads

Breastfed Infants in Iowa got very little vitamin D, especially if winter or dark skin – July 2013

Seniors getting noon sun had 88 percent chance of having GT 30 ng of vitamin D – Dec 2012   A simple question can predict vitamin D level!

Defining normal level of vitamin D (need 4000-5000 IU) - Heaney Spring 2013

Vitamin D and Immune Function – Review July 2013

99 percent of psychiatric population had less than 30 ng of vitamin D – June 2013   Vitrually a perfect association of a disease with low level of vitamin D

Vitamin D and bicarbonate perhaps synergistically reduce muscle loss – June 2013

Children with Cancer were 3X more likely to be vitamin D deficient – July 2013

New Zealand GPs being asked for vitamin D testing and prescriptions – June 2013    Number of vitamin D tests going up in NZ, Aust, Canada, and US
New vitamin D test will cost only about 20% of the current tests - but will only indicate if greater than 33 nanogram

80 X increase in Vitamin D testing in Australia in a decade - June 2013
Countries are very upset about increased testing costs, but fail to realize that supplementing with vitamin D will reduce in reduced overall healthcare costs

Brain (Alzheimer’s) worked better with Vitamin D intervention – meta-analysis July 2013    agrees with scores of previous studies

Risk Factors for Vitamin D Deficiency    charts, including Holick Global Perspective, below
Risk Factors   @is.gd/Holick613

Vitamin D Global Perspective - Holick June 2013   Excellent technical overview,
includes good overview of vitami D meta-analysis and has the following chart
Blood transport  @ is.gd/Holick613

Top Vitamin D News - June 2013       on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Top charts of the month

80 X increase in Vitamin D testing in Australia in a decade - June 2013
Extrapolated Vitamin D Testing   is.gd/testmedicare

Chart of Vitamin D levels vs disease - GrassrootsHealth June 2013
Vitamin D levels vs disease - GrassRoots June 2013

Chart of Vitamin D levels vs race - April 2013    Shows Africans in native environment have 50 ng of vitamin D
Vitamin D vs Race at is.gd/vitD_race

Vitamin D deficiency is still increasing: 26% ==> 32% < 20ng in just 2 years

More Canadians became deficient  at is.gd/ncWVdh

Notes by Henry Lahore on Vitamin D Workshop June 2013,

  • 3-epi-25 hydroxyvitamin D form may make up 20 ng of vitamin d in infants < 1 year old
    Not known what 3-ep1 form does. Some testers (Mass spec) include it, some ignore it.
  • Decrease of vitamin D with time: probably linear rather than exponential
  • 200 IU recommendation by WHO and intravenous feeding are both very out of date
  • How much vitamin D can the body process per day: some feel 10,000, others feel 50,000
  • The study which found sun last longer than supplements might have been for D2, not D3
  • Wonder how soon till infant/fetus is able to convert vitamin D into what the body can use ?
  • Some preemies need supplementation with active form of vitamin D –
  • Magnesium – yes, this orphan element might be a source of problems with vitamin D
  • Magneiusm bio-availability unclear
  • Epigenetics, twin study Vietnam perhaps 65% vitamin D variation is inherited
  • What happens when vitamin D is not taken daily – is something activated to decrease level
  • Might seniors need vitamin D more frequently than weekly?
  • Vitamin D should provide a great return on investment in Workplace Wellness
  • Pharacists like to sell Vitamin D3 instead of D2 – far more profit
  • Hypothesis: evolution would have arrived at > 50 ng of vitamin D if not had pesky skin cancer
  • Alzheimer's increase from 1% to 7% of Japanese adjusted for the same age, but there no concurrent increase in % of vascular cognitive decline!
  • To be effective need 2mg of sunscreen per square cm = about 1 tube per application
  • Why do meat eaters seem to have higher level of vitamin D than vegetarians?

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