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Myth for 50 years: 2000 IU of vitamin D is toxic - still taught as fact in 2010

In the early 1950's a problem was misdiagnosed as being due to vitamin D in milk.

  • It was acually due to Williams Syndrome,
    • which is a result of deletion of 26 genes,
    • William Syndrome, which results in having too much Calcium and Vitamin D in the body. was not even named until the end of the decade.
    • William Syndrome has been found to occur in 1 in 7,000 births.

The diagnosis was corrected in the 60's, but the reputation of vitamin D remained tainted for 50+ years.
During that time very few people or researchers would consider trying more than 2,000 IU daily.
So the wonderful benefits of 4,000 IU and higher were left undiscovered until about the turn of the century.

The importance of enough vitamin D might have been left undiscovered for an even longer time if it were not
for the fact that a good fraction of the global population became vitamin D deficient during the past 40 years due to
many factors: the most important - staying away from the sun.

One of my 13 concerns about vitamin D back in Dec of 2009 was its toxicity when more than 2,000 IU were taken daily.
I have since learned that there is little concern at 10,000 IU and the toxic level for long term use is about 40,000 IU daily.

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