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Supplement amounts can now be searched in a database – June 2013

Office of Dietary Supplements & US National Library of Medicine

  • Allows searching by dose size
  • Allows greater than and less than searching (e.g. > 10,000 IU)
    Example: 24 product having > 9,999 IU vitamin D as of Nov 2014
    Example: 1328 products having > 200 mg of Magnesium as of Nov 2014
  • Allows searching for multiple ingredients – such as Vitamin D AND Magnesium
  • Do not use quotes (e.g. search for Vitamin D, not “Vitamin D”)
  • Allows AND/OR searching
  • You must click on each individual result to see its list of ingredients
  • Many suppliers are missing - such as Bio-Tech - the most popular Vitamind D supplier on Amazon

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