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Overlooked Importance of Vitamin D Receptors – Life Extension Mag. Aug 2013

By Logan Bronwell 10 pages including references and pictures

PDF is attached at the bottom of this page

One table from the article

Autoimmune: Multiple Sclerosis 78 61%
Autoimmune: Psoriasis 79 189%
Autoimmune: Rheumatoid Arthritis 80 24% (Patients taking vitamin D supplements had 24% lower risk.)
Cancer, Bladder 54 83% overall; 494% for invasive tumors
Cancer, Breast 53 150%
Cancer, Thyroid 55 100%
Cognitive Decline 7 41 to 60%
Cardiovascular: (Risk of Heart Attack)12,13,15 38 to 192%
Dementia, Alzheimer's 43 77% increase for lowest vitamin D intake
Dementia, Non-Alzheimer's 7 Almost 20-fold increase
Infection, Respiratory 81 36%
Metabolic: Diabetes 4,82 91% for insulin resistance
38 to 106% for type 2 diabetes
Metabolic: Risk of progression
from normal blood glucose to diabetes 83
Stroke 13,84 22 to 64%

  * Defined either as serum levels less than 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L),
  or as lowest percentiles vs. highest; risk expressed as percent increased for those with normal or highest levels.

Fairly good overview of vitamin D

>30 ng = sufficiency (standard)
1 billion people have < 30ng (does not mention far more people do not have optimal (50ng) nor high optimal (80 ng))
64% of Americans do not have enough to operate at ‘’peak capacity’’ ( 30 ng)
>50 ng = minimum optimal (lots of discussion on 50 ng being too low, jut right, or too high)
80 ng = high optimal (Unaware that any national standard board recommends this level yet, but I agree)
Shows association of 40+ diseases with low levels of vitamin D

Uses old estimate of how many IU to increase blood level

Uses old rule of thumb: need 100 IU for each additional 1ng of vitamin D
The old estimate is wrong in that the equation is not linear, varies with nanogram level, and varies with body weight
Their example 20 ng ==> 50 ng would equate to 3,000 IU needed
GrassRootsHealth chart indicates 29 IU per lb. For 20 ==> 50 ng
To get to 50 ng a 200 lb person would need to take 5,800 IU

What was not covered in the 6 pages of text

Loading dose can restock vitamin D levels in < 1 month - not have to wait 2-3 months to test again
Groups at high risk of being deficient
   seniors, pregnant women, dark skinned people far from equator, obese, . .
Vitamin D3 much better than Vitamin D2
Random Controlled Trials have proved the benefits of taking Vitamin D3
   most of the references in the article are to associations of vitamin D and a disease
There is a no-cost way to check your self for low vitamin D in the home.
There is a 4X variation between individual response to the same dose
Vitamin D levels are typically very low in the winter/spring (lack of sunshine)
Great reduction in many forms of pain when have optimal or high optimal levels
Vitamin D does discuss Interaction with drugs - watch out for potentially deadly interactions with chemotherapies
There are many forms of vitamin D3 available -liquid, spray, sublingual, vaginal, and even a type for those with digestion problems
There are forms of Vitamin D3 for vegans, Muslems, Jews
If taking > 2,000 IU of vitamin D should also take cofactors - Magnesium being the most important
OK to take vitamin D weekly: daily does not appear to be necessary
Vitamin D can also be obtained from the sun
Genes have a powerful effect on your vitamin D blood levels and the amount of vitamin D which actually gets to your cells
Large variation between vitamin D tests - even on the same machine
About 1 in 300 people trying vitamin D get an adverse reaction - generally because they are deficient in Magnesium

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