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Acute viral respiratory infections (RTI) reduced by Vitamin D - 20 reviews - Aug 2020

The effects of Vitamin D on acute viral respiratory infections: a rapid review - Aug 2020

Ryan Bradley bradley at nunm.edu 1, Janet Schloss* 3,4, Danielle Brown' Deisy Celis2/ John Finnell' Rita Hedol Vladyslav Honcharov2/ Traci Pantuso' Hilda Pena2, Romy Lauche3' Amie Steel3 1Helfg Ott Research Institute,

Clinical significance:
Despite several positive systematic reviews and meta-analyses, the available experimental evidence related to the effects of vitamin D on acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI) is plagued with heterogeneity and mixed quality, and therefore is insufficient to recommend vitamin D supplementation to the general population as a protective agent against ARTI. However, based on the evidence identified in this rapid review (including a high margin of clinical safety), combined with strong mechanistic rationale, the following recommendations can be made for those at risk of ARTI:

  • 1. vitamin D status should be tested for those at risk of ARTI;
  • 2. patients identified with deficiency or insufficiency should be supplemented with vitamin D until their status is normalized; and
  • 3. daily dosing of vitamin D3 is preferred to achieve serum concentrations > 30 nmol/L in a timely manner.

Clinical trials support vitamin D doses of 800 IU/day up to 10,000 lU/day with 1,000 - 2,000 lU/day being a common dosing strategy in clinical trials, and potentially more effective then lower daily or bolus dosing strategies.

VitaminDWiki comments on study

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Huge range of amount of Vitamin D given: as low as 40 IU

  • Sorry, unable to extract text from this PDF without lots of errors
    • Perhaps the watermark was too intense
  • PDF is extremely conservative: the goal of >13 ng
    • Most health studies conclude that people need > 30ng,
    • Some studies conclude that the goal should be > 50 ng
  • They incorrectly assume that the common dosing strategy is a good dosing strategy
  • This study, like many previous studies, found that a single large (bolus) dose when not followed up with maintenance dosing, does not help.

Respiratory Tract Infection risk reduced 2X by Vitamin D loading doses – meta-analysis Jan 2021

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