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Croup (due to viruses) has surged with Omicron - March 2022

Omicron linked with croup in babies March 21, 2022 MDEdge

  • "From the start of the pandemic until mid-January 2022, emergency physicians at Boston Children’s Hospital treated 75 children with croup, all but one of whom had COVID infections. Eighty percent of those cases occurred after Omicron began circulating in December 2021"

COVID-19-Associated Croup in Children March 8, 2022 Pediatrics PDF



Most cases of croup are caused by contagious viruses like parainfluenza, adenovirus, or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Viral croup is most common — and symptoms are most severe — in children 6 months to 3 years old, but can affect older kids too. Some children are more prone to developing croup when they get a viral upper respiratory infection. Most, though not all, cases of viral croup are mild.

Since Omicron focuses more on the upper airway than the lower, it seems reasonable that there would be more problems in the upper airway - such as coup

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