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Use of Vitamin D in a trauma surgery - Dr. Matthews on Facebook – Jan 2020

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High dose vitamin D3 made a big difference in my trauma patients' quality of life, especially those with severe traumatic brain injuries. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. See "Figure 1 and arrow" on the PDF image below.
This is a 29 year old female who was assaulted by her boyfriend. He stabbed her in the abdomen first ( see Figure 2), and then in the top of the head (see Figure1). The force broke the handle of the knife blade and left 6 inches of the knife blade in the patients brain.

She arrived in the emergency room with altered mental status, paralysis of her right arm from the knife in her skull, a very low blood pressure (shock), and blood in her abdomen. This patient had two life threatening injuries that needed to be operated on immediately by my trauma team and the neurosurgeons simultaneously!

In surgery, patient had a right collapsed lung, a severely damaged gall bladder which we removed, a large laceration (hole) in the liver from the knife stab to the abdomen which was repaired, while the neurosurgeons above us removed the knife and damaged brain tissue.

Patient was started on our high dose vitamin D3 protocol immediately after surgery. Patient was discharged 6 days later. She was continued on vitamin D3 after discharge. Her right arm paralysis and altered mental status was completely resolved at 6 weeks. We have used high dose vitamin D3 successfully in gunshot wounds to the head, concussions, strokes, severe traumatic brain injuries, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, colds, flu, wound infections, and chronic pain.

Remember that vitamin D3 is a "true hormone" that becomes even more important any time the human body is under emotional or physical stress from any illness or injury. I call vitamin D3 "God's miracle vitamin" and the most important hormone during any stressful human events. Now, I hope that using vitamin D3 to treat concussions makes more sense. As you can see, I have been very successful treating gunshot and knife stab wounds to the head, severe traumatic brain injuries, and most neurological disorders using high dose vitamin D3.

The above is a narative description of Case Report: Traumatic Injuries Requiring Simultaneous Emergent Operative Procedures, Knife Wounds to the Top of the Skull and the Abdomen – Nov 2017
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