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Mongolia's National Vitamin D3 Program started in 2019

only 2 COVID-19 deaths as of Feb 23, 2021 - may be unrelated to the vitamin D program

Note: COVID-19 Mortality rates (Feb 2021)

World1 in 3,000 7.5 billion/.2.5 million
US1 in 640 328 million / 512,000
Russia1 in 1,700 144 million / 85.000
Japan 1 in 16,000 126million / 7.885
Australia 1 in 25,000 25 million / 909
China1 in 300,000 1400 million / 4843
Mongolia1 in a 1.000,000 3.1 million / 2



Mongolia's Program could have done 1 or more of the following

  1. Quickly give vitamin D levels when symptoms appear - greatly reducing the number of hospital cases
  2. Have given vitamin D to those who enter the hospital - but this would not account for the low hosptialization rate
  3. Increased Vitamin D levels of the entire population - the most expensive solution
    • Hope to find out which soon which solutions they have taken

Maongolia had perhaps the lowest Vitamin D levels in the world


Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews (Facebook post)

“Mongolia's National Vitamin D3 Program Successful: As of February 27, 2021, Mongolia has had only two (2) coronavirus deaths. Mongolia is located between Russia to the north and China to the south. Mongolia has a population of 3.1 million people. Mississippi has a population of 3 million. Mongolia has a per capita income of $400 per month. Mississippi has a per capita income of $2,030 per month.
Eighty-seven per cent (87%) of Mongolia's population was vitamin D3 deficient in April 2019, when we visited the highly disciplined country. Mongolia started an aggressive "National Vitamin D3 Program" to educate and treat its citizens. Mongolia has had two (2) deaths from the coronavirus. Mississippi has had many 6,669 deaths from the coronavirus. The second (2nd) photo below shows me being interviewed on Mongolian National TV and addressing Mongolia's politicians and medical community. The third (3rd) photo below shows us visiting a medical clinic and interacting with young Mongolian doctors. Vitamin D3 is God's miracle vitamin!”
Left to right; the men in suits are

Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews

Dr. William Grant

Dale Benedict

Founder of Bio-Tech Pharmacal sponsor of the trip,Vitamin D supplier
He was asked by people in Mongolia to provide Vitamin D information

Web indicates that Mongolia has used 14 day quarantines and contact tracing - no mention of vitamin D

Mongolia COVID-19 case rate 40/day at the end of Feb 2021


COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos in VitaminDWiki

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