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VITdAL-ICU - AMA RCT Sept 2014

Helps those who were very low on vitamin D
Would have helped even more patients if
limit Calcium
Provide other forms of vitamin D
Provide co-factors to increase usage – such as Magnesium
Spread the loading dose over a week
Take with largest meal of the day

It would not be expected to decrease HOSPITAL mortality (before the vitamin D was given), only ICU mortality

Speculate – why they changed the focus so much since the June conference/presentation

But even those who were not very deficient improved in physical strength by getting the vitamin D

“However, only half of patients treated with vitamin D3 achieved serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels higher than 30ng/mL.”

Total length of stay.
ICU survive if 12 -20 ng initially
ICU survive if less than 12ng initially

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