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Most Autism Risk factors are associated with low vitamin D - March 2014

How to Think About the Risk of Autism

New York Times March 29, 2014
No mention of vitamin D in the article

VitaminDWiki has highlighted those autism risk factors in the NYT article which are also associated with low levels of Vitamin D
Autism Risk Factors @ is.gd/autismrisk

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Interesting Autistic studies
Autism associated with low Vitamin D

Autism treated by Vitamin D

Autism reduced by vitamins before and during pregnancy

Autism and Vitamin D Receptor (not enough Vit D gets to the cells)
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Autism - other risk factors

Autism and Virus/Vaccines
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Dr. Cannell on Autism and Vitamin D in VitaminDWiki

Autism and Omega-3
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  • Autism on TedTalk March 2014
    good background, nothing about vitamin D, following chart shows the 200-400 genes assocaited with different forms of autism


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