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  1. High dose ACTIVE vitamin D chronotherapy with kidney
  2. circadian rhythms of vitamin D in horses - 2004
  3. Diurnal active vitamin D variations - 2002.pdf
  4. Getting Vitamin D into your body
  5. 1,100 IU Vitamin D needed to get most to 20 ng (look at individual not summary data) – April 2018
  6. 5000 IU raised vitamin D levels 10 ng but did not raise cognition in young adults – Nov 2011
  7. 60,000 IU vitamin D weekly for 3 months lasts for another 3 months - April 2013
  8. Breastfeeding with daily or monthly doses of vitamin D virtually the same – RCT Dec 2013
  9. Decrease Calcium and Increase Magnesium when increasing vitamin D
  10. Directly Observed Vitamin D therapy is one of many ways to increase compliance – RCT Feb 2017
  11. Elite Athletes do well with weekly 35,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Feb 2017
  12. Falls not prevented by vitamin D given every 3 months or less often – meta-analysis Jan 2015
  13. High poly-fat meal, raised vitamin D, low fat, lowered D – Dec 2011
  14. How I am reminded to take my Vitamin D once every 4 days
  15. How to get Vitamin D and cofactors without taking pills
  16. How you might double your response to vitamin D
  17. How, when to take Vit. D
  18. Increased vitamin D in blood by 56% by taking supplement with largest meal of the day - May 2010
  19. Increasing the ratio of mono to poly fats increased Vitamin D levels by 6 ng – RCT Aug 2011
  20. Just mark your calendar for vitamin D days
  21. Less response to 800 IU of Vitamin D by Africans than natives in Finland – RCT March 2018
  22. Monthly vitamin D (120,000 IU) got most overweight African Americans about 35 ng – RCT July 2015
  23. Monthly Vitamin D had a 20 percent better response than quarterly – small RCT April 2019
  24. No long term differences in vitamin D levels with amount of fat in breakfast – Feb 2013
  25. Optimal vitamin D supplementation strategies (D3 - weekly or monthly) – Feb 2017
  26. People reported taking pills, pills were all gone, but occasionally bottles were not opened – Dec 2015
  27. Perhaps not take vitamin D in the evening
  28. Quarterly vitamin D3 is too infrequent – it increases the occurrence of pneumonia – June 2012
  29. Response to vitamin D increased 30 percent with Magnesium - Nov 2018
  30. Review of Vitamin D (including free, frequency, injection, how much.) – Sept 2013
  31. Same dose of vitamin D for everyone is virtually impossible - Dec 2015
  32. Take vitamin D with or before evening meal
  33. Takes a year to restore children and youths to good levels of vitamin D without loading dose - RCT Dec 2016
  34. Vitamin D – monthly dosing was better than daily with Calcium – RCT Dec 2015
  35. Vitamin D 30 percent more available at breakfast which had high fat content – Nov 2014
  36. Vitamin D bioavailability in the gut– review Sept 2017
  37. Vitamin D daily or weekly dosing resulted in similar response -RCT Jan 2016
  38. Vitamin D dosing every three months is not often enough – found again – Jan 2016
  39. Vitamin D less costly if give 100,000 IU monthly (but 50,000 IU biweekly should save more money) – July 2019
  40. Vitamin D needed on a daily basis (other reseach shows infrequent doses are OK) – Oct 2013
  41. Vitamin D once every two weeks is OK, daily is nice but not required – Aug 2014
  42. Vitamin D with or before a meal: small Swiss study, no conclusion – Feb 2013
  43. When to take Vitamin D
  44. Vitamin D RDA of 600 IU is not enough - global RCT meta-analysis March 2019
  45. Acute respiratory infection worsened by too infrequent vitamin D supplementation – RCT June 2015

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