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More muscle strength 80 years after being born in warm season (no surprise) – Nov 2022

Month-of-Birth Effect on Muscle Mass and Strength in Community-Dwelling Older Women: The French EPIDOS Cohort

Nutrients 2022, 14(22), 4874; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14224874

Background. Vitamin D is involved in muscle health and function. This relationship may start from the earliest stages of life during pregnancy when fetal vitamin D relies on maternal vitamin D stores and sun exposure. Our objective was to determine whether there was an effect of the month of birth (MoB) on muscle mass and strength in older adults.

Methods. Data from 7598 community-dwelling women aged ≥ 70 years from the French multicentric EPIDOS cohort were used in this analysis. The quadricipital strength was defined as the mean value of 3 consecutive tests of the maximal isometric voluntary contraction strength of the dominant lower limb. The muscle mass was defined as the total appendicular skeletal muscle mass measured using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scanner. The MoB was used as a periodic function in regressions models adjusted for potential confounders including age, year of birth, latitude of recruitment center, season of testing, body mass index, number of comorbidities, IADL score, regular physical activity, sun exposure at midday, dietary protein intake, dietary vitamin D intake, use vitamin D supplements, history and current use of corticosteroids.

Results. A total of 7133 older women had a measure of muscle strength (mean age, 80.5 ± 3.8 years; mean strength, 162.3 ± 52.1 N). Data on total ASM were available from 1321 women recruited in Toulouse, France (mean, 14.86 ± 2.04 kg). Both the sine and cosine functions of MoB were associated with the mean quadricipital strength (respectively β = −2.1, p = 0.045 and β = −0.5, p = 0.025). The sine function of MoB was associated with total ASM (β = −0.2, p = 0.013), but not the cosine function (β = 0.1, p = 0.092). Both the highest value of average quadricipital strength (mean, 163.4 ± 20.2 N) and the highest value of total ASM (15.24 ± 1.27 kg) were found among participants born in August.

Conclusions. Summer-early fall months of birth were associated with higher muscle mass and strength in community-dwelling older women.
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Note: Could be due to more involvement in Sports if born in Sept

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