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Response to Vitamin D - Grassroots

The following charts are for people who are trying very hard to be healthy
They are taking far more measures than the average person to be healthy
Probably not much change due to type of tester -suspect that measurements are from mailed-in blood spot tests
No indication as to how many months of dosing before the blood test - but I suspect > 3 months

Huge range in response to the same dose of vitamin D
   Example: response to 4,000 IU dose ranged from 10 ng to 150 ng (15 times!)

A few of the major reasons for this huge variability in response:

  • Obesity - obese need 2.5 times as much for the same response
  • Weight - participants might range in weight from 70 lbs to 500 lbs
  • Health problem which consumes vitamin D - such as: anemia, poor liver, poor gut, multiple sclerosis, diabetes,
  • Age - seniors have much less response to oral supplmentation - due to many of the above
  • Gallbladder had been removed ~600,000 annually in the US
  • Differences in (amount of skin) X (hours of noon-day sun) obtained in addition to oral supplementation
    Might range from 1 to 100 of square feet of skin-hours per week in the sun
    e.g. 1 square feet of skin exposed to 1 noon-day hour of sun per week
       to 10 square feet of skin for 10 hours of noon-day sun per week

see Reasons for low response to vitamin D for details

2015 chart

Dose response chart GRH 2015 VDW 7125

2013 chart (half as many people as 2015 chart)

Response to Vitamin D  Grassroots 2013

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IU of vitamin D to add vs X