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Epstein-Barr virus increases risk of Multiple Sclerosis by 32X - Jan 2022

Epstein-Barr virus a likely leading cause of multiple sclerosis MDEdge

  • "EBV is common and infects about 95% of adults. Most individuals are already infected with the virus by age 18 or 20 years, making it difficult to study uninfected populations, said Dr. Ascherio."
  • "The investigators used stored blood samples (of US military) to determine the relation between EBV infection and MS over a 20-year period from 1993 to 2013."
  • "Only one of the 801 MS case patients had no serologic evidence of EBV"
  • "The hazard ratio for MS between EBV seroconversion versus persistent EBV seronegative was 32.4 (95% CI, 4.3-245.3; P < .001)."
  • "It’s not clear why only some people infected with EBV go on to develop MS, he said."

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Other viruses also increase the risk of Multiple Sclerlosis

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Anticipate future publications documenting that virually all people with CFS or Long-Haul previously had EBV

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