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  1. More evidence for vitamin D
  2. status of evidence for vitamin D
  3. Evidence-based Brazil overview of vitamin D - 2010
  4. 5000 IU vitamin D3 added daily to bread raised blood levels to 50 ng – 2009
  5. Benefits of supplements (vitamin D is not snake oil) - Aug 2013
  6. Can Observational Studies be as good as Random Controlled Trials for Vitamin D
  7. Clinical Trials Vitamin D
  8. CureTogether Vitamin D symptoms, treatments, and causes
  9. Easily find data sets, such as Vitamin D trials, with Google – Oct 2018
  10. Evaluating the vitamin D evidence - Heaney Dec 2010
  11. Evidence based medical information - GreenMedinfo
  12. Evidence for Vitamin D - 2009
  13. Evidence for vitamin D - details 2010
  14. Evidence for Vitamin D - Grant Aug 2011
  15. Evidence for vitamin D – Holick June 2012
  16. Evidence that the minimum vitamin D blood level is 30 ng – Grant Nov 2012
  17. Example of a vitamin D meta-analysis which ignored the data – June 2012
  18. Global vitamin D clinical trials, table of contents of commercial report – Aug 2013
  19. Grade A recommendations for vitamin D - May 2009
  20. Improved health due to vitamin D fortification in Finland
  21. Lack of vitamin D and Calcium a world problem – strength of evidence etc – 2009
  22. Let the Sun shine on you - Gillie Aug 2011
  23. Levels of evidence for levels of vitamin D – Dec 2013
  24. Modeling Cancer RCTs – including Breast Cancer – April 2017
  25. Muscle, etc. problems if consume little vitamin D (mice) – June 2018
  26. National Institute of Health - Strength of Vitamin D Evidence
  27. National Standard summary and strength of evidence for vitamin D - June 2010
  28. NLM Vitamin D recommendations and interactions – Jan 2011
  29. Not enough women willing to stop taking vitamin D to permit breast cancer clinical trial – June 2012
  30. Off topic: For proof: Random Controlled and Observational Trials should agree– May 2013
  31. Overview Evidence for vitamin D
  32. Propensity Scores perhaps better than Random Controlled Trials
  33. RCTs probably not the future gold standard - CDC former head – July 2017
  34. Review of Vitamin D trials - Grant Jan 2012
  35. Should increase life expectancy by 2 years if double vitamin D levels – July 2011
  36. Summary of Vitamin D trials - Grant Nov 2012
  37. Sunny side of the hill is the healthiest – 400BC
  38. US govt. notices new Vitamin D proof, will wait years for large trials to end – Dec 2017
  39. Using natural experimental studies to guide public health action, not RCTs – Nov 2019
  40. Variety of evidence that Vitamin D helps the brain – July 2014
  41. Vitamin D and omega-3 are the only supplements which show benefit in meta-analysis – Jan 2012
  42. Vitamin D does not reduce the risk of Multiple Sclerosis – FDA incorrect conclusion – Jan 2018
  43. Vitamin D in the prevention of disease - what evidence do we still need - Aug 2011
  44. Vitamin D is NOT snake oil
  45. Vitamin D publications and supplementation are increasing, need more studies – May 2018
  46. Vitamin D Random Controlled Trials are becoming impossible
  47. Why randomized controlled trials of calcium and vitamin D sometimes fail – June 2012

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