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  1. Chemotherapy hair loss – prevented or treated by Vitamin D, US patent application – Nov 2019
  2. Improve Cognitive Health and Memory with Vitamin D and Omega-3 – World Patent March 2018
  3. International patent for sublingual liquid analogue forms of vitamin D – 2007
  4. Patent application for a skin cream which enhances production of vitamin D – Holick July 2013
  5. Patent for combination of vitamin D3 and calcifediol– Sept 2009
  6. Patent for patients of Chronic Heart Failure includes vitamin D – June 2011
  7. Patent granted for adding vitamin D to sunblock and skin cream - Feb 2011
  8. Patent to include anti-oxident with vitamin D – 2010
  9. Patent to maintain executive function (cognition) with Vitamin D – July 2017
  10. Patent to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism with 30 ng Vitamin D – March 2018
  11. Semi-activated Vitamin D given weekly (used by Spanish COVID-19 trial) – US patent application Sept 2020
  12. Some Vitamin D patents in 2018
  13. Statin side-effects are reduced by Vitamin D – US patent Application – April 2019
  14. Tuberculosis is controlled by Interleukin-32 when it has enough Vitamin D – patent applied for – Aug 2014
  15. Vitamin D analogs – 25 years of trying to trying to patent vitamin D – April 2014
  16. Vitamin D fortification patents have earned Univ. of Wisconsin 300 million dollars– 2016
  17. Vitamin D from UV LEDs – US patent application – Oct 2019
  18. Vitamin D patent application – note the medical claims – June 2014
  19. Vitamin D patent update Feb 2013
  20. Vitamin D patented to treat ADHD – June 2018
  21. Vitamin D patents and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
  22. Vitamin D patents became public - 1946
  23. Vitamin D receptor substitutes are being patented – Sept 2015
  24. Vitamin D Sulfate (found in breast milk) might get to tissues without being metabolized -US patent application – July 2018
  25. Vitamin D, glutathione, and heat shock protein to treat concussions, etc. – US Patent Dec 2019
  26. Vitamin D3 analog, 20-hydroxyvitamin D, inhibits cancer cells and is non-toxic – March 2012
  27. Who said vitamin D could not be patented

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