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Some Vitamin D patents in 2018

Vitamin D Patents have been made for the following health problems (thru 2018)

  • PCOS, Breast and many other cancers, Obesity, Fall prevention, Stroke and other Cardiovascular,
  • Immune system, wounds and reduce scars, Kidney disease, Diabetes, improve fertility,
  • decrease pregnancy problems, SAD, multiple sclerosis (2),chemoprevention of cancer,
  • accelerate fracture healing, metabolic syndrome, periodontitis, gingivitis, endometreosis,
  • hair loss due to Chemotherapy, asthma, allergy, PMS in girls, ADHD

2018 example patents for Vitamin D

International Patents

Multiple Sclerosis with 10,000 IU of Vitamin D + Biotin + Folate + Vitamin B12 + Vitamin C = etc. by Valery Lipenko, Nov 2018
(RU0002665969) PCOS Sept 2018 6,000 IU, 45 nanogram
WO2018136490) June 2018 Common Cold probiotic, vitamin C and vitamin D
(RU0002660341) PMS in girls July 2018 4,000 IU if a few poor genes, otherwise 2.000 IU
(US20180169034) TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY FORMULATION June 2018, Transdermal patch
COGNITIVE HEALTH AND MEMORY Jan 2018, 1,000-5000 IU vitamin D + Omega-3
Prevent Hair loss from Chemotherapy Jan 2018

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Some Vitamin D patents in 2018        

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