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Vitamin D from UV LEDs – US patent application – Oct 2019


Claim 1 An indoor lighting panel for mounting on a wall or to a ceiling, wherein the indoor lighting panel comprises: a housing; an arrangement of UV-B LEDs in the housing; and a fabric output screen which provides a UV-B exit surface, wherein the fabric output screen is at least partially transparent to UV-B light, wherein the fabric output screen has a linear mass density of between 40 and 200 denier, wherein the fabric output screen is at least partially opaque to visible light, and wherein the fabric of the fabric output screen exhibits no fluorescence or phosphorescence upon absorption of UV-B light.

Make your own UVB Vitamin D lamp for 40 dollars - Jan 2019
   Low cost UV lamps are far more cost-effective than UV LEDs in 2019
UVB added in classroom reduced cavities, increased height, increased academics. etc
   appears practical for classrooms, offices, etc.
Who said vitamin D could not be patented International Patents 2018
International Patents
Multiple Sclerosis with 10,000 IU of Vitamin D + Biotin + Folate + Vitamin B12 + Vitamin C = etc. by Valery Lipenko, Nov 2018
(RU0002665969) PCOS Sept 2018 6,000 IU, 45 nanogram
WO2018136490) June 2018 Common Cold probiotic, vitamin C and vitamin D
(RU0002660341) PMS in girls July 2018 4,000 IU if a few poor genes, otherwise 2.000 IU
(US20180169034) TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY FORMULATION June 2018, Transdermal patch
COGNITIVE HEALTH AND MEMORY Jan 2018, 1,000-5000 IU vitamin D + Omega-3
Prevent Hair loss from Chemotherapy Jan 2018
Vitamin D Patents have so far been made for

  • PCOS, Breast and many other cancers, Obesity, Fall prevention, Stroke and other Cardiovascular,
  • Immune system, wounds and reduce scars, Kidney disease, Diabetes, improve fertility,
  • decrease pregnancy problems, SAD, multiple sclerosis (2),chemoprevention of cancer,
  • accelerate fracture healing, metabolic syndrome, periodontitis, gingivitis, endometreosis,
  • hair loss due to Chemotherapy, asthma, allergy, PMS in girls, ADHD