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  1. Meta-analysis showed extra 20 ng of vitamin D not enough to prevent breast cancer - 2010
  2. Loading dose of 500000 IU for elderly - Whiting 2010
  3. Increasing vitamin D levels to 24 to 42 ng should decrease breast cancer in Norway by 25 percent - July 2010
  4. Vitamin D and breast cancer - oconnor slides 2009
  5. response-dose from Connor Breast Cancer - slide
  6. Genes breast cancer and vitamin D receptor - Sept 2010.PDF
  7. Breast cancer reduced 10 percent when vitamin D levels exceeded 27 ng - Sept 2010
  8. Cloudiness and Breast Cancer.PDF
  9. Review of Vitamin D and Breast Cancer - Nov 2010.PDF
  10. VDR gene related to 4 cancers Lit Review
  11. Vitamin D and breast cancer
  12. In Tests, Vitamin D Shrinks Breast Cancer Cells
  13. vit d breast cancer
  14. Vit D and Breast cancer case control in Italy
  15. Breast Cancer Conner 2009
  16. Calcium and vit D not prevent breast cancer
  17. gapminder breast cancer vs latitude 2002
  18. Breast Cancer in African-American Women
  19. No association between reported UV and vit D and incidence of breast cancer – May 2010
  20. Cancer - Breast
  21. No reduction in Breast Cancer when vitamin D less than 40 ng - May 2011.pdf
  22. Breast Cancer and vitamin D - Baggerly May 2011.pdf
  23. Breast Cancer and Vitamin D - July 2011.pdf
  24. Breast cancer incidence 3X increase.gif
  25. Breast cancer 1972 to 1995.gif
  26. RCT breast cancer
  27. breast cancer survival and vitamin d
  28. Breast cancer
  29. Intakes of Calcium and VitaminD and BreastCancer
  30. Vit D helps breast cancer survivors review
  31. Additional benefits of Vit D Breast Cancer
  32. Established and possible benefits of vit D breast cancer
  33. Vit D and breast cancer bone metastases
  34. 10000 IU of vitamin D for 4 months not seem to help breast cancer patients with bone cancer
  35. 2900 IU not enough vitamin D to deal with Breast Cancer – Feb 2013
  36. 2X increase in metastatic breast cancer in young women since 1976 – Feb 2013
  37. 2X more likely to survive breast cancer disease free if lots of vitamin D – July 2011
  38. 3.2 percent less Breast Cancer for 2.4 ng more vitamin D – meta-analysis June 2013
  39. 30 percent reduced chance of breast cancer death if take tiny amount of vitamin D (one-a-day) – Oct 2013
  40. 3X increased chance of Breast Cancer if recent vitamin D levels were low – Jan 2013
  41. 4X less Breast Cancer if have enough vitamin D – Dec 2010
  42. 50 percent less breast cancer when have enough vitamin D - Sept 2011
  43. 6X less Breast Cancer if have even minimal vitamin D – July 2013
  44. 7000 IU (50000 weekly) increased vitamin D levels in breast cancer patients – Mar 2011
  45. 8000 IU supplementation to people with various cancers – Nov 2010
  46. 85 percent less risk of death from Breast Cancer when vitamin D levels higher than 30 ng – May 2012
  47. After breast cancer treatment 4,000 IU of Vitamin D was not enough to help if have poor Vitamin D receptor – June 2019
  48. After lactation Vitamin D levels are low, increased risk of Breast Cancer, vitamin D should decrease risk – Aug 2021

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